Game of Thrones Winner: “Valar Marghulis”

This is also a great episode (not quite as good as good as “Blackwater” but still very good.) full of lots of people doing cool bad ass things. That is not to say that there isn’t a clear winner. There very obviously is.



Danerys wins because, let’s talk about what she does. She makes her way into The House of The Undying, which, by the way, doesn’t have any doors. Once inside she has a few visions. The first is of The Iron Throne, the entire throne room covered in snow. (Winter is Coming and all of that.) The second vision, is of Drogo holding their son.

I love this scene, particularly how she lets them, and the dream of that life go. It’s heartbreaking and perfect.

After the visions, she finds the dragons. (Yay!) Then, just as The Warlocks think they have her trapped, she kills them with dragonfire.

Oh but the one true queen isn’t finished yet. She goes back to Xaro’s and finds him in bed with Doreah (BETRAYAL!) So what does she do? She locks them both in Xaro’s vault, and strips his house of all his riches to buy a ship.

Runner up goes to Brienne, who goes out of her way to give a burial to a bunch of women murdered for supposedly sleeping with Lannisters, kills the men who killed them, reminds Jamie who exactly is in charge around here and reiterates that she’s loyal to Catelyn not to The Starks in total.

She’s the best.

Missandei And Greyworm Watch

You know who would never betray Dany and sleep with the dude who was trying to have her killed?

If you answered Missandei, you would be absolutely correct.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Hey! Sansa doesn’t have to marry Joffrey because Maergary is falling on that particular sword for the time being. That’s pretty great news for Sansa. But as Little Finger reminds her, she’s not quite out of the woods yet. But it’s still good.

Arya Badass Watch

Arya turns down a big badass chance to go to Braavos and become a faceless man. Bummer that we still have two seasons before that’s a thing.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

Jamie was a dick to Brienne! Also those Starks they killed. Obviously.

Robb Is A King And Kind of Bad At It

In this episode Robb marries Talisa.


Final Note:

I’m going to be taking a break from this rewatch for a little while. Among other things (I’m so behind on my weekly shows and podcasts, NaNoWriMo, desire to just watch The X-Files and nothing else) these weekly watches and write ups are starting to feel like a chore and one of the joys of not being beholden to anyone else in this space is that when something starts to feel like a chore, I can back away from it and come back when it feels fun again. I have every intention to go through and name winners, catalog Sansa’s agency, Arya’s badassness and everything else for season 3, but my guess is that I’ll do it after the Holidays, when I’ve finished with X-Files and have a little more weekend leisure time to get ahead of things. For the next few weeks, I’ve decided to black out on Wednesdays, which gives me one night a week (at least) to just work on NaNoWriMo and not blog.

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