Secret Histories, Stolen Jewels and Goodbye To Old Friends


Last week I finally got around to reading The Lure of The Moonflower, which is the final book in the Pink Carnation series.

I adore The Pink Carnation books, for reasons I’ve catalogued pretty exhaustively, and I’d put off this reading because I was in complete denial about the series being finished.

It also, like most of these books (with the distinction of the second and third entries The Mask of The Black Tulip and The Deception of The Emerald Ring.) started slowly. This time our heroine is Jane, the Carnation herself. Jane’s always figured in the stories before. She was the connective tissue, her spy missions leading a bunch of people who sort of knew her into trouble (generally because they didn’t listen to her.) Our hero is Jack Reid, brother to Betrayal of the Night Jasmine hero Alex, and son of Passion of The Purple Plumeria hero Colonel Reid. Oh, and Jack is a spy in his own right, The Moonflower.

One of the reasons I was had trouble digging in at first is that we already sort of knew Jane and Jack, but from the perspective of others and they weren’t acting the way they had through other people’s eyes.

This by the way, was sort of the point, and it took a minute for it register.

Anyway, I’m very sad that this series is over, and was very grateful for the cameos we got from old characters. (When a particular favorite of mine, Miles Dorrington showed up I squealed, in public, “Yay! Miles!” A big problem with the series post Emerald Ring was the lack of Miles.) It was a satisfying conclusion I think.

The paralel modern story, of historian Eloise Kelly and spy descendant Colin Selwick, also wrapped up with their wedding, and a whole thing about a revenge plot, that I wasn’t super in to. It was nice to see those two crazy kids get it together though. They deserved it.

I’m deeply tempted to go back and reread the series, but I know that I can’t. I still have to read Carry On, the companion book to Fangirl, (I’m so excited for it!) and Jen Lancaster’s most recent novel. (Her fiction is never as pressing to me as her memoirs.) And I want to read Felicia Day’s You’re Never Weird On the Internet (Almost). 

And hey guys! It’s my birthday today and I’m diving into NaNoWriMo (Knocked out over 2,000 words yesterday, hoping to get over 4,000 by the end of the day today.) So, I may wind up skipping a day of updates here or there this month. But we’ll see how it goes!

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