Sailor Moon Check In: Wait, hu

This was a weird week, but we did get to know Palla-Palla a little bit and I think I love her a lot.

Super S

Regardless, this was a weird little filler week.

First we got a Rei episode, which so reminded me why she’s my fave. Rei gets a spread in a magazine, praising her as a worthy shrine maiden. I mean, I totally get why an editor would do a story like this for a teen magazine. It’s doing wonders for the shrine and Rei’s, maayyybbeee letting the whole thing go to her head.

When a younger girl shows up and insists that she wants to be just like Rei, OMG! Rei takes her on as a little mini shrine maiden.

Obviously, Rei accidentally hurts the girl’s (Nanuko, I think?) feelings, and she gets attacked by an Amazoness (the red one, still not great on the names.) The Senshi beat her, and Rei gets a power up, and we all learn a lesson about being ourselves.

So, our next episode is SUPER weird. Palla-Palla decides to use a dental practice to lure in potential targets, and also the Usa’s have tons of cavities because you know, they eat a lot of sugar.

Oh right, and we learn the Palla-Palla is a just an adorable little psycho, and it’s sort of the best, and did I mention I love her?

So Usagi and Chibi-Usa go to get their teeth fixed, and Usagi and Mamoru get into a fight because the dentist and his assistant are hot, or something? Then Tuxedo Mask shows up and throws roses at everyone, which for some reason works?

I don’t know. These episodes were a little overly silly and the animation was super cutesy, and I wasn’t into it.

I’m kind of ready for Crystal to come back, just so I can get some of that long elegant slow stuff in, because this season feels SO manic.

OK, people that have watched the show before, level with me…are the outer senshi just gone? Do we never see them again? I NEED TO KNOW because every week that they don’t show up, a little piece of me dies inside.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! Moon Love and Whatever!

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