Sailor Moon Super S Check In: Episodes 150-151 Golden Dreams

We’ve got a new opening! And new bad guys! And a big bad who is calling herself “The True Moon Queen” and has black hair and a bunhead. There’s a lot of stuff happening here!

Super S

In our first episode, we get to know the Amazoness Quartet, I don’t know their names, except the baby, who is Palla Palla, and who I adore already. Anyway, we meet them at the arcade and we see Motoki and Chibi-Usa’s friend Momo.

I feel like Naru is left out, everyone else’s random friends are there. Anywho, everyone goes to the circus, The Amazoness Quartet try to steal Momo’s dreams. Everybody fights.

Oh, right and our new Big Bad, informs Madame Zirconia (Middle Bad?) that Pegasus’s Host will have a golden dream mirror.

That is good information to have.

Our next episode has Ami fall in love with a composer over the internet, and decided she wanted to write lyrics for his music. Of course the rest of the Senshi are very cool about it.

Except not at all, they basically stalk the guy, and then of course they all become best friends, because Senshi Magic.

The Red Amazoness Girl tracks them down, and Ami has a crisis of confidence about this whole situation, but then she passes out and talks to the spirit of Sailor Mercury or something. It wasn’t super clear what was going on there.

That isn’t the most important part of this episode though, the most important element of this episode is that the cats explain the Internet to the girls that aren’t Ami. Seriously. Because they are magic future cats, so they know what the Internet is and the girls don’t, and it’s very 90’s and great.

So that’s what’s happening there. Sorry this is brief, I sort of was planning on watching Back To The Future Part II last night, and then changed my mind, so watched this, and it was late and you don’t care.

See you guys next week!

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