Game of Thrones Winner: “The Prince of Winterfell”

Blah, I hate this run in the series. The beginning of this season is so strong and this is when things start getting really stupid. That said, a winner must be picked each episode, because I made the rules.

This episode, the winner is Yara Greyjoy!


Yara rides into Winterfell, tells Theon he’s an idiot, and reminds him that he doesn’t belong at Winterfell. He doesn’t listen, of course, because Theon is the worst, but hey, at least she makes the effort. And she tells him that killing “Bran and Rickon” (not Bran and Rickon) was a terrible idea.

Runner up goes to Davos, who gets his job as Stanhnis’s hand. This is the most thankless job in the seven kingdoms, but I mean, it means a lot to Davos and he’s great.

Missandei And Greyworm Watch

There wasn’t even much Danerys this week. But, well, from a shipping watch standpoint? Ygritte saved Jon, so that’s pretty cool. Because she’s pretty great. That’s about all there is to say here.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

No Sansa this week. I didn’t miss her.

Arya Badass Watch

Arya, with the help Ja’quen, breaks her friends out of Harrenhall. Also she tells Ja’quen to kill himself because she’s angry. She gets that temper from Cat, I think.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

Jamie was a dick to Brienne. This will continue for a little while, and I’m pretty excited about it. I love these two. Both separately and together. But mostly together. They’re great together. Brienne is also great with Pod. Brienne is great with everyone.

Robb Is a King And Kind of Bad At It

Robb puts Catelyn under guard. This was actually good. Good Kinging Robb! He also bones Talisa in his tent. This is not so good. Because we all know where this leads.

Also Roose Bolton talks about “his bastard” taking Winterfell again. MAYBE WE DON’T DO THAT ROBB.

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