You Keep Strange Company Magnus Chase

The Sword of Summer

Guys! Last week we got the new Rick Riordan series. Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard: The Sword Of Summer hit last week, and it’s pretty wonderful.

First of all, unlike The Kane Chronicles, there is a direct line betwee Magnus Chase and Camp Halfblood, and that line is through it’s hero and one of theirs. Magnus is Annabeth Chase’s cousin, and we learn that The Chase Family has deep ties to the Norse Gods, which, actually makes sense as to why Athena was attracted to Annabeth’s father.

But onto Magnus and Riordan once again outdoing himself. Unlike his cousin, Magnus doesn’t have a learning disability but he has been living on the streets for two years, and his allies include a daughter of Loki, who’s mother was an Iraqi Muslim Immigrant, a dwarf who prefers fashion to fighting and a deaf elf who wants to be a magician.

I’m saying that Riordan has gotten really good at diversity since The Lightening Thief and The Sword of Summer is all the better for it.  (I love Percy, Annabeth and Grover, but they’re all a little bit same-y.)

My favorite thing about any Riordan series is how recognizable the mythological sources are, even if you’re unfamiliar with the nuance. I know very little about Norse mythology that isn’t from Marvel movies and American Gods, but it was very cool to get to learn more about it and realize how much of it I’ve simply absorbed from being around things.

I like Magnus, not quite as much as Percy or Carter Kane (of The Kane Chronicles) but definitely more than Jason Grace. And I also like that the Norse Gods are a good deal more, well, human than the Greco-Romans, who were aloof and larger than life for the most part, and certainly more than the Egyptian, who were literal forces of nature. It’s an interesting take, given that the soap opera of Norse mythology is a lot more grounded in human feeling than those other two.

Overall I’m excited for where the series is going and seriously curious when the ultimate point of convergence is going to come. I’m thinking that Ragnarok, or preventing it, is what’s going to unite The Greek and Roman Halfbloods, The Egyptian Magicians and the Norse Warriors of Valhalla, or I’d at least like that. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a full series that brings all of these characters together after Magnus fights his battle either.

And in the end, there really is no end of ancient mythologies for Riordan to plunder, so I guess there’s no reason to guess that the big event is coming anytime soon.

But I’d like to see it sooner rather than later.

And, I still miss Percy…I may have to go back and read Olympians again.

Next year we get The Hammer of Thor, which should be fun.

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