For The First Time In Forever: Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

I know I’ve been terrible! But here’s the thing, I’m on vacation, and also, we’ve been getting in really late and been really tired, so….yeah.

I know I made a schedule and then threw it out the window and for that I am sorry, but it’s hard to be sorry when you’re doing this.

Hey! That's us!

Hey! That’s us!

Anyway, Juli and I have been having an excellent time reaquainting ourselves with Mickey’s place, and I keep even forgetting about Comic Con until I go on facebook!

The plan worked!

We did almost everything we wanted to do at Magic Kingdom and are still planning on going back there on Monday.

We also had a lot of fun at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and I have a ton of picture of Be Our Guest (WHICH WAS MAGICAL) that for some reason are not loading super well at the moment.

Here's us as Pirates!

Here’s us as Pirates!

Yesterday we hit MGM, because no one calls it Hollywood Studios!

This post is going to be an unfinished thing, because we have to get to Epcot! But I’ll do more with it tomorrow, which is going to be our more mellow Animal Kingdom/Hotel Hangout day!

Love you! See the magic!

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