Two Sides of A Coin


I remember watching Once Upon A Time’s first season, I watched it in a day, hoping to catch up and watch Season 2 live, it worked out that way, and I was stunned by how good that first season was. The way it managed to use fairy tales and the kind of Lost style ensemble story line and create likable interesting characters, and tell a coherent story was remarkable.

Since that first season, Once Upon A Time has, not always lived up to that, while still managing to bring the fun factor, and I would watch three episodes in a row about Mary Margaret and David staring at Baby Neal if it meant I got 15 minutes of Regina and Emma going back and forth about magic.

Which is why I have great hope for this new season, which is bringing back the flashback sequences in a vital way. (A large chunk of the cast was in Camelot for six weeks but can’t remember what happened, and in that time Emma fully embraced being The Dark One.) And has Emma and Regina taking on their roles as savior and bad guy, but this time the roles are reversed.

With Emma fully embracing her role as The Dark One, we get to see her be ruthless and see everyone do something besides universally adore her. And by putting Regina as a straight hero Lana Perrilla something new to do.

And they’re giving Henry a girlfriend! Her name is Violet and she’s from Camelot and if she’s a character from The Sword In The Stone or The Black Cauldron someone please tell me. Anyway, she’s adorable, and Henry pulls a Star Lord on her. By that I mean, he talks to her at a party and they listen to a song on his i-pod and she is enchanted by it.

Obviously Camelot’s people are now in Storybrooke, hanging out in the campsite with Robin Hood and His Merrymen.

Which pretty much sets up a possibility for the greatest Renn Faire in history. Storybrooke should get on that.

As for Camelot itself, it’s pretty cool to see everyone back in enchanted forest mode, and to see the way people react to Regina. The reminder that she has a lot of terrible things that she’s done is a good thing. I’m also enjoying all of the Hook and Belle stuff. I feel like Belle could be his sponsor or something.

Anyway, I think that this season is going to be pretty great, don’t you?

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