Comedy Tonight!

What is comedy?

It’s a complicated definition.

Good comedy should make you think. If it’s narrative it should also tell a good story. It should pertain to your life in some way. And of course, it has to make you laugh or else it doesn’t count.

Which, to me, is the most important part. I’ve chronicled a million times why I don’t really “get” Community, because it’s very rarely actually made me laugh. Impressed me? Absolutely. But laugh? Nope. Same thing with Girls Season 2. (Every other season of girls though, was gold! Jerry! GOLD!)

This new TV season, I’m not watching a whole lot of comedy. I’m just not. Mostly because there’s not a lot there. New Girl has been pushed to mid season because of Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy. I have no idea when Mom even sits anymore. I don’t watch Big Bang Theory on it’s first run anymore. Parks And Recreation is over. I’m 3 weeks behind on The League. (Oooh, I’m in a Fantasy league this season! I’ll write about that in December!)

But I am watching the amazing new season of The Mindy Project, which, set free by Fox to Hulu is exceptionally good. I watched the boundary pushing, thoughtful and hilarious season premier of blackish, which made me consider the “n-word,” which, as a rich white girl only just getting acquainted with hip-hop on a deeper level, (thanks Straight Outta Compton and Hamilton!) still makes me super uncomfortable. I’m back on The Middle, which gave us a brilliant opening 2 episodes with Sue heading off to college and Sue and Axl bonding and Brick making a new friend through the power of dance, and The Goldbergs, which this season is just cementing Erica Goldberg as the second best female character on TV. (Number 1 is obviously Cookie Lyon.)

But let’s take a minute and talk about The Muppets.

I’m not sure about it.

love The Muppets, the entity. And I think that what The Muppets, the show, is trying to do is kind of cool, I’m just not sure that it’s working. I liked the pilot well enough, and got halfway through the second episode.

And while I love Josh Groban and Miss Piggy singing “If I Loved You,” (that’s a classic Muppet moment there!) I’m not sure I love the back stage shenanigans in “reality show” format. Maybe it will just take some getting used to. I should probably finish the episode and hey! Next week features Liam Hemsworth.

I like Hemsworths. I mean, he’s definitely the B team, but still.

As for other new stuff. I haven’t watched Grandfathered yet, but I probably will at some point. I enjoy John Stamos and babies.

But then there’s The Grinder.

I knew that The Grinder was going to be good, but I didn’t expect it to be meta, and weird, and quirky, and bright. I’m not straight up looking for a Parks And Rec replacement yet. Nor do I think anything will ever actually replace it, but I think, if they go in the right direction, it could come close.

Rob Lowe is a delight as the clueless but well meaning Dean. Fred Savage is wonderful as Stewart, the also ran brother. They feel like family, and while those around them still need fleshing out, creating two strong leads is enough for a comedy pilot.

And it made me laugh.

So that’s important.

Happy TV season everyone!

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