Sailor Moon Super S: Episodes 144 & 155: Adorabable

Hi everyone! I’m trying so hard to stay caught up that I almost forgot to watch Sailor Moon Super S this week, which would have been silly.

Super S

In our first episode the girls go to the beach and bring Shingo! Remember Shingo? He’s Usagi’s adorable/annoying brother. Usagi brought him along because Mamoru was busy with “college research” (I don’t know about you but it sounds to me like Mamo was lying, because that, is not a thing.) and Usagi decided that the girls needed a body guard to protect them from not cute boys at the beach.

This is the most Usagi plan I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, Shingo quickly falls in love with Ami, because of course he does. Ami rules! And she’s basically the Anti-Usa, while the other girls are just way too much like his sister to be viable crush objects.

Also, Ami is nice to him.

Anyway, Madame Zirconia seems to know what’s up, or at least have her head slightly less up her posterior than the Amazon Trio, sends them after Ami, and Tiger’s Eye says he’ll capture her and seduce her with his awesomeness. (Hawk’s Eye and Fish Eye both say that Ami seems too smart to be seduced, they would be right!)

So, he goes to the beach and hits on Ami and she’s all, “oh that’s nice, but no.” And then he winds up trapping her and Shingo in a cave and the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask (who shows up for no reason and with no explanation) beat him and then everyone watches fireworks and that’s it.

The second episodes is about ballet and it’s a ballet movie.

Really, basically everyone tries out for a production of Giselle, including Fish Eye, who gets the lead at the expense of a ballerina who’s worked really hard for it and is also in love with the teacher.

Usagi and Chibi-Usa convince her not to give up and then they beat Fish Eye and their new friend plays Giselle and Usagi is the moon. But most importantly, we see everyone dressed as ballerinas and it’s wonderful.



This is important because not only do they all look adorable it contributes to my cosplay dream of “hipster Senshi.” (If anyone would like to do this with me, I’m on board, and this episode helps. Hipster Ami should 110% have that headband)

Anyway, I got these episodes in. Next week is going to be interesting, what with all the travel, but I will do my best!

Love you all!

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