Sailor Moon: Super S Episodes 140 & 141: Boring Filler Time

Seriously, I’m pretty bored of this stuff now. I hate Sailor Moon filler. I hate it so much.

Super S

The girls go to a fashion show.

The designer has a killer undercut.

Usagi wants him to make her wedding dress when she marries Mamoru.

Chibi-Usa speaks vaguely about the future with Pegasus.

Blahdy, blahdy, blah, blah.

Fish Eye wants the designer and his dreams, but there’s no Pegasus there. Very little happens in this episode, is my point. The Lemure is kind of cool, it’s like beach ball, but a man. It was kind of cool.


The next episode is a little better. Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye (HAWK’S EYE! I finally know is name!) are both vying for Mina’s affection and she’s decided she loves them both.

You go Minako.

The guys are just trying to see into her love dreams, but they get all competitive with one another and it’s sort of funny.

What’s weird about this episode is that, did we know that Artemis was into Minako? I mean, is that new information? I mean, we (meaning those of us who have previously watched the show/read the manga) know that Artemis is a Cat-Man, not just a cat, but still, Minako, doesn’t know that. Does she?

What does Minako know?

Anyway, there’s a lot going on there.

Look, mostly but I’m done with the filler, I’d like for there to be some plot again.

We did get a new music video and there is a lot happening in that video. I don’t get it, because it doesn’t have subtitles, but it’s clearly about Chibi-Usa loving her life in the past. So, that’s nice.

You want to know what would make these episodes SUBSTANTIALLY less boring? Outer Senshi. I’m just saying, I could be rolling my eyes back at some dumb conversation between The Amazon Trio and then just ROSE PETALS! “We are The Guardians From A New Era…”

Come on, Super S, give me what I need.

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