Game of Thrones Winner: “What Is Dead May Not Die”

HEY! Favorite characters alert!

Yes, this week we meet both Margaery and Brienne and it is glorious. Unfortunately neither of them win, because well, they don’t.

This week’s winner, in a big way, is Tyrion.

Tyrion 2

Here’s some stuff that Tyrion does in this episode that’s important. He gets Shae set up as Sansa’s maid, effectively hiding her from Cersei and Tywin, at least for now. He figures out that the closing thing to someone who he can trust is Varys (There are actually a lot of my favorite things about this show that start in the episode and the beginning of Tyrion and Varys’s alliance is a big one.) The whole, “Who is Myrcella going to marry, and thus, who can I trust,” test is one of my favorite bits and I particularly love the Little Finger double cross, even if it screws everyone pretty hard in the end.

The runner up is a tie betwen Brienne and Margaery because I love them so much, and Brienne beats Loras which is fun, and Margaery explains why she needs Renly to bone her, but they’re both kind of stuck at this point. Namely, Renly does not bone Margaery because he is Kinsey 6 gay.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Officially changing this to “shipping watch” this week, because we saw our first real glances of Sam/Gilly and it was lovely. (Remember what I said about elements of the show that I love that show up here for the first time. This is one of them.)

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Sansa doesn’t have a lot of agency in this episode but her time with Shae is an example of her slowly taking back her power, which is the mark of her character that’s most admirable.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya begins her list this episode which is another element that we’re introduced to. It’s pretty cool. She also gets into her first big battle and realizes who Gendry is. Which is pretty important.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

No Jamie this week, but hey! We met Brienne! Which is tangentially related to Jamie and an excuse to mention her again. Brienne is great, right you guys? So great!

Robb Is A King And Pretty Bad At It

Theon decides to betray Robb. Robb’s big boneheaded decision to trust Theon to his father is his biggest mistake. Also sending Catelyn to Renly happens, but Catelyn sassing at Loras makes it all worth it. But no Robb making hilariously terrible decisions directly this week, so there’s that.

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