Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 19 & 20

Guys it’s our second to last week. So as we get ready to say goodbye to this gang, which I am having trouble with, it’s about time that we got an episode that’s all about Rufus.

Well, half an episode. But still.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 4 Episode 19 A “Chasing Rufus”

Kim and Ron are at a fancy party and find that Camille Leon has been posing as a Greek Shipping heiress to steal, something.

Doesn’t matter, because I really, really like Camille. Anyway, after they catch her, Kim and Ron have to fly commercial because Wade is on vacation with his parents. Rufus gets separated and winds up on an adventure with Debutante, Camille’s hairless cat, to get home.

Kim and Ron also fly back and forth to Greece like 5 times.

This episode just feels like a love letter to the classic chase cartoons, with their own flip on the script and Nancy Cartwright kicking all of the asses with her voice work.

Season 4 Episode 19 B “Nursery Crimes”

Not as brilliant as “Chasing Rufus” but the second half of this episode send Kim and Ron on the chase of an evil nanny who is stealing pacifiers and creating an army of babies with a machine that turns adults into babies.

It’s not great. It’s funny, and Kim saving the day with her babysitting skills is a cool detail,  but there’s nothing much here to excite me.

Season 4 Episode 20 “Larry’s Birthday”

Kim’s cousin Larry is not my favorite KP character. I don’t dislike him the way I do, say The Bebes, but I still think that there’s a lot of room for improvement as far as he’s concerned.

But that’s OK because “Larry’s Birthday” features one of my favorite KP characters as well, and that’s Professor Dementor. I’ll always appreciate Drakken’s much more competent rival, not least of all because of Patton Oswalt’s brilliant voice over work.

Anyway, plot, Kim is tasked with distracting Larry while his surprise birthday party is set up. Meanwhile, Dementor is trying to tech his brother in law about super villainy and still lusting after Kim’s battle suit. The brother in law mistakes Larry for Ron. (The only descriptor is “A guy with Kim Possible who doesn’t look like he should be.) Thus there’s a lot of cool action that Larry assumes is the world’s biggest RPG.

Boo Yas And Nacos

  • My utter delight over “Chasing Rufus” cannot be overstated. I think it’s perfectly wonderful.
  • As much as I dislike Larry as Nerd Caricature, I do love that he’s the king of said nerds and Brian Poeshenne does wonderful work with him. He even gets a girlfriend in the end, the arguably worse caricature of nerd girl, Charlotte.
  • Hannah helps on the mission, and by help, I mean she sets off lasers with her ninja magic. Obviously.
  • Dementor, like all of the non monkey fist villains, cannot remember Ron’s name, but he refers to him as “the boy that Kim Possible improbably dates,” and “the sidekick.”
  • Seriously, guys, Patton Oswalt. So great.

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