Really Enjoying Watching You Work Cowboy

The Man From UNCLE

The Man From UNCLE is a delightful film and I don’t understand why everyone in the world didn’t see it.

Let’s forget for a second that between Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill that it’s probably the most handsome movie of all time, but we will get back to that.

Let’s set aside the fact that I think Guy Ritchie does interesting things with action in a story that no other director really does.

Let’s not talk about my abundant love for all things early 60’s and Cold War conflict.

Let’s just talk about how effectively fun this movie was. Let’s talk about the dynamic and stylish opening sequence, the likable and funny main characters, the effective villains and the overall consistent sense of tone.

Or we can talk about those other things too. I walked in not sure what to expect, and walked out grinning ear to ear. It’s was a delight. You should go see it. Everyone should go see it, while they still can. And then we should start an online campaign for a sequel because this movie is awesome. It of course didn’t do well, as it’s “word of mouth” time was eaten up by the unstoppable juggernaut that was Straight Outta Compton. (And rightly so, I loved Straight Outta Compton, and…kind of want to go see it again…) But it’s a shame for this fun little movie.

I also take back every time I worried that Henry Cavill has a “charisma problem.” He doesn’t. It’s impossible not to look at him in this movie. His Napolean Solo is a great deal of fun, all refinement and cool sarcasm. Armie Hammer’s Illya Pavill is strength and will and violent outbursts. And Alicia Vikander makes Gaby Teller fiery and funny and vibrant. (She’s also barely featured on any advertising, quelle surprise!)

The movie is fun, sexy and action packed and I want it to gain traction because I would like more.

  1. Straight Outta Compton
  2. The Man From UNCLE
  3. Ant-Man
  4. Mad Max: Fury Road
  5. Inside Out
  6. Trainwreck
  7. Tomorrowland
  8. Jurassic World
  9. Ricki And The Flash
  10. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  11. Minions
  12. Fantastic Four
  13. Terminator: Genisys
  14. Entourage
  15. Pitch Perfect 2


I was kind of looking forward to 13 Hours because I think that Michael Bay is the right director for that sort of story, but I didn’t realize that it starred John Krazinski and Jeremy Piven. I can do a lot, but taking Jim Halpert and Ari Gold seriously as badass super soldiers is asking me to take a step too far.

The 33 looks interesting if only because it’s been a while since I watched Antonio Banderas give a passionate speech.

The Walk and The Intern both still look good. I still am trying to decide if The Walk is going to be worth my panic attack.

I was really surprised that there was no Crimson Peak and no Spectre here, they seem like they would be natural fits.

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