Time To Get Personal: Giving Up On Cool

I don’t know exactly when it happened but a little while ago, I decided to give up on ever being cool.

See, I’ve never been cool, I’ve tried but it’s not something that was ever really in the cards for me. I was too awkward, to enthusiastic, too strange, too everything.

I haven’t thought about being cool in a while because I gave up trying to be cool. It just wasn’t worth the effort and so I decided that being my spazzy, crazy over excitable self was way, way better.

But I still sometimes wonder what being cool would be like. Or if anyone thinks I’m cool.

I had a realization yesterday though, as I sat in my office bopping and singing along to “Believe” by Cher, (Guys, that’s not even a good Cher song.) getting more and more excited to go home and watch the new episode of Steven Universe  when I got home last night. (It was amazing right? GAH! I love Connie! I love how much Steven loves Connie! I love it so much I barely even noticed that Pearl wasn’t even in the episode.) I remembered how liberating it felt when I decided to stop being cool.

I posted on facebook about it, specifically noting the Cher stuff, (though not Steven…I do still hold back occasionally.) and I was immediately greeted by people assuring me I was cool. Or something.

But that wasn’t the point I was making.

I like being uncool. Cool people don’t get to do the things I do. I assume that they spend all of their time at flashy clubs in perfect bandage dresses looking bored, or discussing music in a disconnected tone and sipping craft beers while wearing ill fitting high waisted pants.

Cool people don’t get to sing along to Cher unironically, or get so worked up over the new Star Wars trailer that they cry. I’m guessing that cool people don’t even know what Steven Universe is, or why Kelly Sue is a goddess. Cool people probably don’t listen to podcasts that aren’t Serial. I seriously doubt that cool people sit seriously considering if they should buy a second Star Wars tee shirt for their upcoming trip to Disney World.

I bet cool people don’t even get to go to Disney World, they just go to Napa and maybe Europe. (Which is awesome, I mean, I assume, I’ve never been…) They certainly don’t dress up like pirates at The Magic Kingdom.

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Almost Famous, and I’ve always held to it, “there is no currency in this world stronger than what’s shared between two people when they are uncool.”

My life has gotten unbelievably better since I stopped thinking that I could ever be cool. Being Reenie is better than being cool.

Knowing every word to every song on Bat Out of Hell is better than being cool.

Laughing so hard I snort my drink at some random reference is better than being cool.

Wearing boots instead of heels so that I can actually dance if I go to a club or bar is better than being cool.

So, that’s where my head is at these days. Hope all is well in your respective worlds!

3 thoughts on “Time To Get Personal: Giving Up On Cool

  1. First of all, I think being yourself is way better than being “cool”, but I also think cool is in the eye of the beholder. Fit instance, I think an 8 year old probably thinks dressing up like a pirate at magic kingdom is the coolest thing you can do lol. But that might just be my inner child talking haha. BTW if you were “cool” by your standards, I probably wouldn’t hang out with you. It sounds like too much work and I would every time give up the bar or club for a party at home (especially if it’s a costume party).


  2. Interesting post. I think it doesn’t have to just be limited to cool or uncool. I agree with the above poster that it’s just choosing to be yourself. Some people will love it some won’t. But I found that when you stop worrying about how others feel and just focus on how you feel about yourself then a lot of people will be drawn to that no matter what. I know that I’m an awkward nerd and I think that IS what makes me cool. 🙂 Great post.


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