Sailor Moon Super S Check In: Episodes 138 & 139: Dream On

Super S

Look, I’m not saying these are my favorite episodes, but I am saying that “Drive Me To The Heavens: The Dream Car Fueled by Love” is the single greatest name for any episode of television ever, and that includes, “What Kind of Day Has This Been?” (Sports Night edition)

Basically, Mamoru has a friend who was widowed in a car accident, (what is it with Mamoru and all these friends all of a sudden, I really didn’t think he had a life outside of Senshi work.) and of course Ami sees them together and accuses him of cheating on Usagi. Also, like look we get it, the girls are 15, but why does everyone think Mamoru is going to cheat on Usagi all of a sudden? Like, we have evidence of their eternal love, Chibi-Usa is a living breathing human from 1000 years in the future where they are still a thing, so maybe cool with the accusations everyone, OK? (Whew, did not expect to spend so many words defending Mamoru, I don’t even like him that much…)

Anyhoodle, Ami decides to help the widow fix the car, (dream car, fueled by love) and everyone learns all about her and her dead beardy husband. Including Purple Amazon Trio Guy (Bird Eye? Eagle Eye maybe? WTF is his name? I don’t care, he’s into older women though, and Tiger’s Eye and Fish Eye DO NOT GET IT at all man.) He shows up to her auto shop wearing a beard (hilarious!) and offers to take her away, but Chibi-Usa shows her the girls working on her car, helping her achieve her dream, and she decides to stay.

Oh also, they fight a monster.

And no one drives to heaven.

And everyone thinks Ami might be a lesbian for a second.

And this was a prime time for Haruka to show up and talk about cars but she doesn’t and I hate this episode for that, but it’s an OK episode I guess.

Unlike the next episode, which feels like either a backdoor pilot or a crossover or something. Basically, there’s a cool samurai sword wielding girl who’s hanging out under a bridge and taking challengers and beating all of them.

Chibi-Usa immediately decides that they need to be best friends. Because, duh. Anyway, turns out the girl ran away from home because her dad died and her mom was sort of a dick about her becoming Japan’s greatest swordswoman.

The Tsukinos feed her, because that’s what they do in that family, (seriously, I really relate to Usagi’s family culture with all the feeding and yelling but no real action involving low grades.) Tiger’s Eye goes after the girl and it’s mega creepy but he does wear a cool fencing costume.

In the end everyone makes up, and Usagi and Chibi-Usa decide that Sword-Girl is going to be OK because she has a great mother and they hold hands.

I liked this week, even if there wasn’t a lot of plot, but seriously, the prime chance for a Haruka drop by and not using her is completely unforgivable, completely. 

Oh, right, there’s a new opening this week and it’s pretty epic. Also, Chibi-Usa and Pegasus talk about trust and dreams some more in that snow globe thingy they use to communicate. Still hoping that Pegasus becomes a dude soon-ish because this shiz is getting old.

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