Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 136 & 137: Shenanigans For Everyone!

Guys, I really love it when Sailor Moon lets our girls get up to shenanigans, and this week gave me that. I am grateful.

Super S

In the first episode Rei accidentally trashes Mamoru’s apartment with a fire extinguisher because Diana yelled Fire! (Meaning she saw one outside and thought maybe the Scouts should to hero-ing, but she was misunderstood. Poor Diana.) Because of the accident Mamoru can’t use his apartment? For reasons? Anyway, this is a problem because he’s very behind on a big “college paper.” Rei offers him a room at the shrine, which makes Usagi very nervous, due to their ex-ness. (Who forgot that Rei and Mamo used to date? I totally did.)

Diana offers to chaperon so there’s no hank-panky and everyone blushes except Usagi who just freaks the ef out. 

She then dresses up as ninja to protect Mamoru’s virtue. She is of course too late, because Rei walks in on him changing and sees his patootie. (Patootie is adora-speak for butt) Yuichiro is very upset about this. (Who forgot that Yuchiro was a character? I totally did.) When Tiger’s eye decides to attack Rei, the Moons and all of the other scouts save her (naturally) and Yuichiro’s plan to biol Mamoru to death. (Shenanigans!) is additionally foiled.

Diana is queen of the cute in this episode with her worrying about hank-panky and Mamo’s grades. I ❤ Diana.

In our next episode Chibi-Usa gets a little crush on a writer and artist, but she also tells Pegasus about him, so it seems like even she knows that this is just a crush which makes Chibi-Usa the most mature eternal 10 year old in existence.

Anyway, she shows the drawing to Pegasus and he says that the stuff in the book looks an awful lot like his planet, and Chibi-Usa is all “huh, that’s weird,” and decides to find and befriend the artist.

Fish Eye decides that she wants this guys dreams and while this turns Tiger’s Eye and other guy (Bird Eye? The Purple one!) into a little bit of a friend zone pout fest. They remind her that they are boys, but she runs off to impersonate a fairy. When the Moons and Tuxedo Mask (Hey! Mamo hasn’t suited up in a while.) And the writer says that he saw two fairies in the forest and Chibi-Usa says that those fairies are probably real and that he should totally introduce her to them.

Chibi-Usa is great.

In Diana is adorable this episode news: She notes that the fairy lady does not smell like humans, and is probably not a fairy, because she smells like fish.

Diana’s logic is air tight!

I have given up watching for the outer senshi. I will continue to miss them though.

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