Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 134 & 135

Wow, OK, so, I’m trying to do this thing where I get ahead on my watching and it’s not going super well, but hey, I did manage to watch these episodes before this morning, so I’m at least on time.

Super S

Anyway, the first episode is about Makoto’s friend who drew and wrote a manga about a flying horse.

Naturally this peaks everyone’s interest, or at least The Amazon Trio and Chibi-Usa, and it turns out that nah, this girl Tomoko, just likes a dude in her class, or something, and she knows nothing about Pegasus. But everyone really likes the Manga.

Honestly, I was only half paying attention, which was probably not a great idea, since I do love me some Mako-Chan, but I’m starting to lose the momentum I was so admiring these episodes for building.

But I did like the very writerly line that was given to Tamoko, “I can’t write! No one likes me, no one understands me.”

Been there, girlfriend. Been there.

I’m also just not super into this season. I dunno man.

The second episode was better. Chibi-Usa talked to Pegasus about how she wants to be friends with him. (Right, Chibi-Usa, kind of like how Luna is so not into Artemis at all.) He says he can’t be her friend and she’s pretty sad about it.

But not sad enough that she isn’t sitting in art class with an adorable beret and fake mustache on because they make her feel like an artist. Adorable. Her teacher is not super encouraging, and it turns out the poor woman isn’t sure she wants to be a teacher.

Even more unfortunate, The Amazon Trio have finally caught on that Sailor-Chibi moon is who they need to be targeting, which, took them long enough. They get her and try to trap Pegasus. In fact this week’s Lemure even tries to tell Chibi-Usa that if she controls Pegasus, she’ll control the world.

Chibi-Usa isn’t interested, of course, she doesn’t want to possess Pegasus, she just loves him in her super special Moon Princess way, so he says that they can be friends now, but he won’t tell her his real name…yet.

That yet is important. Look, I know they’re magic, but I really can’t wait until Pegasus transforms into a dude, because between her dad and a magical Horse, Chibi-Usa’s crush record is kind of hugely creepy.

Still no Outer Senshi…what the hell Sailor Moon Super S? 

Anyway, that’s this week. This is the one bit of regular coverage at the moment that I literally can’t get ahead of, but I am trying to be ahead of the game on everything else, so that this doesn’t feel rushed. I’m down the shore weekends now, so that gets in the way, but I promise to keep updating and watching what and when I can!

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