Game of Thrones Winner: “Fire And Blood”

I had every intention of giving this win to Dany.

Really, I sat down watched the episode with every inch of me ready to give The Mother of Dragons her win for finally getting her dragons, for freeing her slaves, for everything she does in this episode, but that was before what happened while I was watching happened.

That was before The Brother’s Of The Night’s Watch made me cry.

These dummies...the best!

These dummies…the best!

The was before as Jon was ready to ride south and join Robb (terrible awful idea) and Samm, and the others cornered him and told him that this was a terrible, awful idea, and thus got him back to the wall, by reciting their vows to him.

It’s probably the best moment in the whole show.

I may change mind in the next twenty weeks, but I somehow doubt it. This moment, and Lord Commander Mormont saying that he needs Jon beyond the wall are incredible.

And so, The Brother’s of The Night’s Watch…You are the sword in the night, The Watchers on the wall, blah blah blah, you won the season 1 finale. How exciting for you.

Runner up goes to Danerys, because Dragons, dude, if the the Brothers hadn’t made me cry she would have had this episode in the bag.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Dany frees all her slaves in this episode, which you know, is integral to Missandei and Grey Worm. But she also burns one of them at the stake. So…she hasn’t yet gotten the hang of this, but she maybe sort of will…how do we get there? We shall we see.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Oh Sansa, she had the opportunity to sacrifice herself and save the realm a whole lot of shit by killing Joffrey, and while I’m glad we got more Sansa, I’ll always hate The Hound for a while for stopping her from shoving Joffrey off that plank when she was so ready to kill him.

Arya Badass Watch

Arya doesn’t get off to a great start, what with the dead dad and crying and all. But she does manage to fight off a group of dumb asses who try to take needle from her. So yay! Go Arya. Or, Arry, as she’ll be for the next ten or so episodes.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

“There are no men like me…only me.” And thus we have Jamie Lannister in a nutshell. But he says this to Catelyn, so I guess he’s a dick to Catelyn techinically…and I feel like this section is where I just have to give credit to Michelle Farelly and Richard Madden and their incredible performances in this episode…Except that it’s leading us to a new section

Robb is A King (And kinda bad at it)

The Robb stuff is pretty important, what with him becoming King in The North and all, but still, it’s amazing the work they do in the scene where they finally allow themselves to grieve Ned. But also he stand up and accepts all this fealty and just looks at his mom like a dude who has no idea how to be a king. I mean, Joffrey’s a sociopath and kind of the worst, but at least he doesn’t defer to Cersei on every goddamn decision he makes! Not that he shouldn’t it’s just like, GAH, ROBB HAVE AN OPINION!

Anyway…OK, so everyone, so I may take next week off, but I may not.  Just warning you!

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