Sailor Moon Super S: Episodes 130 & 131 : Power Up!

Wow, you know how I always complain about randomness and lack of focus in the early days of an arc, and that is…not a problem in Super S.

At all.

New Picture!

New Picture!

I mean, there’s still the Lemures, who are the monsters this go round, and they’re still attacking people who are not Chibi-Usa, who is the person who’s dreams they want. (Seriously? How dumb are the Amazon trio that they haven’t figured out that Sailor Chibi-Moon is the girl who dreams of Pegasus, every time they fight her, Pegasus shows up. GOD! IDIOTS!) Anyway, instead of attacking randos off the street, The Trio is at least focusing on Usagi’s friends. This week, they went after Usagi’s mom and Naru.

It was nice to see Naru again, I’d miss her, but the episode about Usagi’s mother was one of my favorites so far. Basically, Usagi and Chibi-Usa get into a fight about pie, and then realize that they both love their Mom, (well, Chibi-Usa’s grandma, really) and want to save her from a monster. It’s just a really sweetly constructed episode about family. Anyway, Mom’s dream is to see both girls get married and have family’s of their own, which is, again terrible sweet.

The love of their mother gets the Moons a power up, also because of Pegasus. I like this arc a lot because I think the refocus on Chibi-Moon is great, but I kind of don’t love the handing down of power from a dude. It seems very Un-Sailor Moon, even if that dude is a flying magical horse.

Anyway, Naru is being targeted by Tiger’s Eye and I’m proud of how she’s grown since the early days when all of that flowing hair and flirting would have turned her. Now she only wants Umino, but when Tiger’s Eye lies and tells her that he only has three months to live and his last wish is to be her boyfriend she takes pity on him, but then he gets creepy and she runs away.

He decides to look into her dreams, and it seems way more invasive and rapey, and it’s sort of annoying. In the end they save Naru, and The Amazon trio is definitely starting to get in trouble for not catching Pegasus.

Still no outer Senshi.

Still kind of peeved about that.

I do love the transformation sequences and attack animations in this arc though. They’re intensely gorgeous, especially Moon Gorgeous Meditation, which is all sword wielding and glorious.

I also really like “Baby, baby Love,” the closing song for this arc. While Chibi-Usa sitting on a hill crying is almost as boring as that time that Usagi was running to the lighthouse for three minutes, the song itself is really pretty. So there’s that.

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