Game of Thrones Winner: “The Pointy End”

So much tension in these episodes. The war of the five kings, that isn’t called that, and is right now just a bunch of battles between The Starks and The Lannisters is in full swing, and Tyrion and his ragtag band of scrappy fighters are starting to get their act together so that’s fun.

But this not quite a war leads to this week’s winner.

Robb Stark!

Robb Stark

Robb gathers the northern bannermen and gets them on his side by attacking them with his direwold. (Greywind? I think that’s his wolf’s name.) Also he reminds Bran that it’s his responsibility to rule Winterfell and take care of Rickon.

Who, has a prophecy, I think, because he knows that their whole family is going to die, and it’s really quite upsetting.

But Robb is kind of the man in this episode. He probably has a few more wins in him as time goes on, but he, like so many others, is not long for this world.

Runner up goes to Ser Barristan who gets the best exit ever, when Joffrey fires him from the Kingsguard, and also gets out of that whole mess before everything gets really bad. Of course he goes to Mereen, where things are arguable worse, and also he gets killed, but still. Doesn’t have to watch the Joffrey reign of terror, which is nice for him.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

This is the first instance of Dany freeing slaves because it makes her very uncomfortable to watch the khalasar rape random people when they conquer a village. This connects directly to her freeing other slaves later, which is how we get Missandei and Grey Worm. So, that’s what we’ve got going on there.

Sansa Agency Watch

Wow, does Sansa do a lot of things this episode! The problem is that she’s mostly doing them at Cersei’s behest, but she writes Robb a letter, asking him to come to King’s Landing and bend the knee to Joffrey, then she begs for Ned’s life, which probably would have worked if Joffrey weren’t, you know, Joffrey. And she did that all on her own and was pretty cool about it. Yay! Go Sansa!

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya gets her final dancing lesson, and it’s really, really hard for me to watch, but great, because she refuses to run away and leave Syrio on his own, even though, if he’d had a real sword instead of a practice sword, all them mofo’s would be dead.

Instead Syrio is dead and we will miss him. Also, Arya runs away and no one knows where she is for like 4 seasons now.

Who Was Jamie a Dick To?

No Jamie again. But we hear about him leading battles and I presume, being a dick while doing it. Also Barristan mentions that whole “killing Aerys Targaryen” thing, which, you know, let’s remember that he’s a dick, and has been one for a while.

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