Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 9 & 10

Hey all! I kind of can’t believe that we’re winding down this season, and thus the show. But I’ll get to my weepy goodbyes when we’re actually done! For now, let’s just get moving.

Kim Ron Rufus

Episode 9: “Big Bother”

Ron’s health class woes rear their ugly head again, this time he’s asked to care for a bag of flour as if it were a baby. It’s not explained that this is meant to be a teen pregnancy deterrent, because, Disney Channel, but I’ll let that slide because this is such a universal teenage experience, it’s nice to see Kim Possible do their spin on it.

Ron is incapable of caring for the flour, which he names Sacky, with an escalating string of Roman Numerals he adds on as each bag is somehow destroyed. Meanwhile, Ron’s parents have adopted a baby girl named Hana, and Ron is unhappy about it. Kim tells him he’s being ridiculous, but he is unmoved.

In mission land, Monkey fist has stolen an ancient scroll from The Yamanuchi school and Yori calls on Ron for help. Kim insists that he tell Yori immediately about their relationship and Yori is totally cool with it, but Kim is still a little jealous of the other girl. They defeat Monkey Fist, who is hunting for an ultimate weapon, who it turns out is Hana! Sensei placed her with the Stoppables so that she and Ron could learn from one another. Awww,

Season 4: Episode 10: “Fashion Victim”

Monique has been promoted to assistant manager at Club Banana! GO MONIQUE! Because of her new position, she gets a sneak peak at the latest fall collection and Kim does not. Kim is bummed but not crazed about this.

The designs are then stolen, by someone who looks like Kim and this causes friction between the girls, obviously. Camille Leon broke out of prison and is posing as Kim to get into the store is all. Camille is also hooked up with a group known as The Fashionistas, who we already met, actually, but episode order is what it is, who produce knock offs based on stolen designs. (They’re Forever 21! Retail humor…)

Ron’s subplot involves having to organize the Smarty Mart stockroom and a standoff with Barkin, who also works at Smarty Mart, but not in any supervisor capacity. It’s sort of fun, and Patrick Warburton gets to do some great unhinged work.

Boo-Ya’s And Nacos:

  • If you’d like to see more of Will Friedle unable to handle the fake baby assignment, I bet there’s a Boy Meets World episode where Eric screws up this assignment. But there’s also a Batman Beyond where Terry has to watch an egg. It won an Emmy. Bruce Timm is, not really a fan of it.
  • I love that Yori is totally over Ron, and happy for him and Kim. Healthy female dynamics are part of the great joy that is Kim Possible.
  • I kind of wish we got at least one scene of the Tweebs with their flour. I feel like that could have been great.
  • No Shego and Drakken this week. It feels weird.
  • Because Ron is stuck working in “Fashion Victim” Monique sidekicks for Kim. She does well, because, duh.
  • It’s fun to see Camille again, she’s a great match for Kim and shapeshifting powers are always fun.
  • The head designer of Club Banana is names “Coco Banana,” and it’s genius. As is Kim and Monique’s manager. Love it all.

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