Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 128 & 129: I stole a ring from the flying horses

Sailor Moon

Guys! We’re into a new season and you know what that means! Shiny Fancy New Opening.

The new opening credits focus heavily on Chibi-Usa and Sailor Chibi-Moon, which seems to make a good deal of sense, as this arc is mostly about her and being in love with a flying horse-man.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Everyone seems to have recovered quite well from the whole, “stopping the ultimate apocalypse and turning it’s harbinger into a tiny adorable baby, oh and alienating our two new friends who also happen to be the coolest people ever,” business. For the most part, everyone is very focused on Motoki and Reika and what’s going on with them. And also their waitress friend, who’s name I don’t remember, but looks like Misty from Pokemon.

Oh, also there was an eclipse and The Dark Circus showed up and it’s the creepiest freaking thing ever! Also, the Amazon Three are around and all have long flowing hair, and why after the first round of crime fighting anyone trusts strangers with hair like that is baffling. They’re looking for a girl who has beautiful dreams.

Vague goals, these villains, with their pure hearts and beautiful dreams. It’s all very abstract.

That girl is Chibi-Usa, because what they really want is Pegasus, and she’s been having dreams about him and he’s been coming to lend the Sailor Senshi a power boost now and then.

There’s also a full Chibi-Moon transformation sequence now and it’s beautiful and cute and perfect. I love it very much.

Other Stuff

Nothing to report at the moment. I did figure out that I have 35 weeks of Sailor Moon left, or just about 9 months. That gives me plenty of time to find my next anime and to figure out how to proceed in “life post Sailor Moon,” but it’s also quite a long way off. I’m just proud of me for not losing interest in this particular project. I quite easily could have.

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