Game of Thrones Winner: “You Win Or You Die”

You guys! I hadn’t actually watched the show in a few weeks, because I’d been all ahead of myself and junk. Which is largely a good thing, except that I almost forgot about, you know, having to watch the episodes. Since it had been three weeks since I’d watched an episode.

Anyway. Let’s talk about “You Win or You Die.”

It took a bit of thinking but I decided very clearly that I think Jon Snow won this week.

Jon Snow

Jon finally got to take his vows as a man of the Night’s Watch, and converted Sam to the old gods, and got his place as steward to The Lord Commander, which he did not think was a good thing until Sam explained to him that it meant he was being groomed for command.

Look none of this worked out super well. But hey, it was a nice thought on Mormont’s part, I guess.

Runner Up goes to Danerys, who didn’t die, because Jorah is a boss. (And knew the plan to poison her, as he was a part of it. Also she convinced Drogo to get her the Iron Throne.

Also wound up not quite working out, but it’s still a nice thought.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

If Grey Worm had been there when that whole “poisoning” thing went down, that merchant would no longer have a head.

I really can’t wait until we get to the Unsullied.

Sansa Agency Watch

No Sansa this week, but Little Finger told Ned he should just let her marry Joffrey. Ehh, no.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

No Arya this week. The episode is poorer for it.

Who Was Jamie a Dick To This Week?

Um, no one really. But we did meet Tywin. Tywin that beautiful bad ass who I forgot we met while he was butchering a freshly killed deer and bossing Jamie around. Even Jamie doesn’t have the cojones to be a dick to Tywin. Only Tyrion, really.

I also miss Tyrion.

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