Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 7 & 8

Hey everyone! I’m back into the routine of things around here and I’m even going to be spending a large chunk of time get ahead, as I’m going to be spending the next few weekends at the shore! (Yay for beach!)

Let’s get started on this week’s Kim Possible catch up though, which is important.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 4: Episode 7 “Grande Size Me”

Another one of those parodies that’s stuck right in it’s moment, but functions as an episode well on it’s own.

Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary, was a really big deal and really freaked a lot of people out. (Seriously, I’ve only just started being able to eat McDonald’s again in the past few years, and still really only the fries. That movie is horrifying) And it fits that in response to Barkin trying to teach him about healthy eating Ron doubles down on his Bueno Nacho eating, refusing to eat anything else.

The “mission” involves Jack Hench trying to sell his newest contraption, and Ron slowing down the team with his new physique.

Also he turns into the Hulk, but made out of cheese.

I get the feeling that this episode was reverse engineered from that particular moment.

In the end Ron learns about healthy eating, sort of, and also addresses the audience about the danger of cheese related mutation.

So that’s sort of fun.

Season 4: Episode 8 “Clothes Minded”

Kim’s mission outfit gets damaged in combat and both Club Banana and Smarty Mart have discontinued the style.

Kim looks for a new look, while getting out smarted by Drakken and Shego stealing various parts to a new machine that will create a new Pangea. She finally gets out of her clothes related funk when Drakken kidnaps Ron and she knows that she needs to get it together.

It’s a simple place setting episode and Kim’s new look is pretty great.

Season 4 Outfit

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Rufus also gets really chunky during Ron’s Grande Size me experiment. It’s adorable.
  • Ron is in health class because he forgot to go as a freshman. Thus he is a classmate with the tweebs.
  • The third plot of “Clothes Minded” is everyone talking to Kim about college. She decides to apply to overseas schools, and see the world
  • Drakken has never heard of Pangea. This is wonderful.
  • Kim’s new look was designed by The Fashionistas, that’s fun.
  • Look, I’m not accusing Cameron Stewart of anything. I’m just saying that the above look has some suspiciously similar elements to a certain hipster vigilante.
It's so cool, you guys. So stinking cool!

I’m just saying!

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