Sailor Moon S Episodes 126 & 127: Chibi-Usa Feels

Sailor Moon

Hey everyone! Finally getting around to this whole business, of catching up on Sailor Moon. There are going to be two this week to get both last week’s and this week’s episodes done and then the whole, “every Thursday” thing that I announced two weeks ago.

Sailor Moon S is Over, and I am Sad

So what happened this week on Sailor Moon S? (Or last week, or like twenty years ago, or whatever…time is weird in Sailor Moon.)

So, after confronting Mistress 9, and Sailor Saturn, Sailor Moon crawls out of a giant explosion with little baby Hotaru. Every one is happy about this, but decide not to tell Chibi-Usa for reasons or whatever.

Also Haruka and Michiru are mad as hell that Sailor Moon got in the way of their mission and confront the Sailor Scouts about it. Also they will not be raising baby Hotaru, they gave her back to her father.

Which is a bummer.

Everyone is friends now. I think. I had trouble tracking this episode. Sailor Moon falling action is always pretty tough for me to get through.

Next episode, Chibi-Usa gets a letter from Neo-Queen Serenity that she’s missed at home and she should come back to the future. Nervous, but game, Chibi-Usa sadly says good bye to everyone and the gang decides to throw her a good bye party and all give her adorable presents. A rosebud from Mamo-chan, Rei gives her a casette tape of her own songs, Makoto gives her food, and Minako gives her a scrap book of their happy memories. Usagi gives her a hand made Bunny back pack and there are hugs and tears and delightful love.

A monster attacks everyone and they’re getting pretty well spanked until Sailor Chibi Moon shows up and Pink Rainbow Sugar Heart (or whatever the hell her precious attack is called) all over that monster and everyone wins.

Other Stuff

Crystal is coming back next winter! I’m excited to see the third arc from them and hopefully they get their act together with certain bits and I am really excited to see their interpretations of the outer senshi, and I’ll be keeping my eyes out for any and all news! Hooray!

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