I’m Feeling Nothing

So, I’m already a week behind on watching and recapping Sailor Moon. (I know, OK? I’m the worst.) This the busiest week of my whole summer, as the show I produce, which has become a concert, which I’m singing in, is this weekend.

I’ve mentioned a few times this summer that real life is getting in the way of fandom, and this week was a massive case of that.

I had a bridal shower, rehearsals, tech work to do, equipment to pick up, plus my regular day job and Aless’s birthday was on Monday, so I was out instead of watching anime on my laptop. I’ve also been dabbing in some fiction writing again, which is great, but again, because I’m busy takes away from blog time.

This is all to say that I’ll get to the Sailor Moon recap tomorrow.


Unless I don’t feel like it.

Who wants to look at Chris Pratt?


I should know by now, whenever I’ve got nothing, just go to Pratt.

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