Game of Thrones Winner: “A Golden Crown”

It’s the second week of going through Game of Thrones Coverage with Chrissy and Glen! We had some dissension this time around, as in we didn’t agree on everything, but I do have to say, that I eventually came around to Chrissy’s point of view.

This is exciting for her I bet, because it doesn’t happen that often. Normally we veer off into “agree to disagree” territory and then change the subject.

It has helped us maintain a healthy friendship for many years.

Anyway, this week’s winner is Danerys! Yayy!


First, she decides that she should stick her dragon eggs in the fire and simply holds it there. For a minute it looks like perhaps the stone eggs don’t hold heat, but when one of her handmaidens runs in and grabs the egg to save her Khaleesi’s hands.

The egg burns the handmaiden, and Dany offers to help.

Then she eats and keeps down an entire raw horse heart, hears the prophecy that her son will be The Stallion that Mounts The World. Then, when Viserys threatens to kill her, and take her away from Drogo, Drogo dumps a molten pot of gold on his head, and she declares that “fire cannot kill a dragon.” Which, I mean, is pretty cool.

So, congratulations, Khaleesi, you’ve won once again. (Many wins ahead of you, I’m quite sure of it.)

The runner up goes to my original choice, who was Bronn, who won Tyrion’s trial by combat and who we just got to know is a straight up best at everything bad ass.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

I can’t remember the name of the handmaid who takes the dragon egg out of Dany’s hand, but I mean, whatever, it’s the kind of thing that your best friend forever would do.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Sansa was bitchy to her Septa. This is another one of those early Sansa things that I really hate, but absolutely counts as her “doing things.” So that’s a nice little bonus there. She also has what is the most hilarious speech ever, when Ned tries to explain why they’re leaving King’s Landing, and she doesn’t want to, insisting that she doesn’t want someone, “Kind, brave or clever,” she wants Joffrey. This leads us right into…

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya laughed at Sansa, straight up laughed, because, honestly, that’s the most ridiculous thing anyone could ever say. She also had her best lesson with Syrio ever, and we learned something about Arya. She prays to both the old gods and new. Arya celebrates Christmas and Hannukah you guys! But then Syrio tells her something that may become important to her later. “There is only one god, and that is death.” This is maybe the single most formative thing that anyone says to Arya throughout the series.

Who Was Jaime a Dick To?

Jaime was not in this episode. So he wasn’t a dick to anyone. Cersei was kind of a dick on his behalf though, mostly to Ned.

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