Sailor Moon Check In: A Bientot!

Hey everyone it’s the last bi-weekly Sailor Moon Check in! (I’ll explain I promise!) In the meantime, let’s get started.

Sailor Moon


I was literally holding Sailor V in my hands while I was with Chrissy and Glen last week, but then decided I’d already spent to much money that weekend. But it’s call and the short story calls are becoming too hard to resist. I should be picking them up soon. (I know I’ve been saying that for months, I promise.)

Best Cartoon Ever Sorry Korra

Oh, boy, so many things. There was an Ami episode that I can’t remember much detail from because I tried to watch it while I was half asleep after work last Friday. But after that, we learn the The Professor has decided to use Chibi-Usa’s Pure Heart to awaken Hotaru as Mistress 9, to bring the Messiah Of Silence, Pharoah 90 back to this dimension. But Sailor Moon and the others are going to stop her. Or hand over the Holy Grail. Whatever, in the end the wake up Sailor Saturn instead.

It’s hard to track 4 episodes at once, but again! This is going to be changing!


Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask disappear and are being pulled towards Nemesis. Real Nemesis. Not like, the illusion Nemesis that everyone was fighting before. Once Sailor Moon is gone Neo Queen Serenity wakes up and then she Sleeping Beauty kisses King Endymion, and they play by play the battle for the Senshi, and also she gives Sailor Chibi Moon a Moon Rod and sends her to fight.

Whatever. They win! Everyone sees their future selves, and goes home. Chibi-Usa decides to go home to the 30th Century and then comes back.

Crystal is over. I’m grateful for it’s existence, as it’s what got me started down this road. I hope we get another season, I guess. I’d like to see the Outer Senshi transformation sequences at the very least.

Other Stuff!

Let’s talk schedules. Since there’s no more Crystal, I’ve decided to do Sailor Moon S and beyond weekly! Two episodes at once. This gives me a chance to delve deeper, only doing 2, and it keeps me from having to sit and watch 2 hours worth at a time and lose track of what I’m watching. So, from now on, every Thursday, I’ll be writing up the two episodes that were put up on Hulu on Monday. In eight weeks, when Kim Possible is finished, I may switch it to Tuesdays, but for now we’ll stick with Thursday.

Oh, also, there’s this.


So I’m going to give this a shot…

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