The Meltdown

Don’t worry guys, I’m fine. Seriously, I feel like I’ve been coping with stress quite well lately. I’m proud of me.

This is not about me melting down, by any means. My stuff is together, and I’m pretty psyched about that. No, no, this is about one of my newest obsessions.

Who else is watching The Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail?

If you’re watching it, OMG HOW GOOD IS IT?

I watched the show a few times in it’s first season, but after realizing that one hour a day was not nearly enough Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon in my life, so I figured it was time to watch their other show.

Oh, and also Jonah Ray, who is possibly my new favorite stand up of all time.

The show itself is a whole lot of fun, and you get to see some big named comedians do some really raw stand up, and most importantly, see Jonah and Kumail make fun of each other, which, as a fan of both of them on various podcasts, is my favorite part of the show.

Actually, being a fan of podcasts, makes a large chunk of this show a lot of fun. Because aside from the host riffing, and the raw stand up sets, the green room is a major factor on this show and seeing all the comedians hang out is also really great.

And of course there’s Emily, just hanging out and chiming in every once in a while, and being the best person ever. Because I’m pretty sure that she is.

Just, watch the show. It’s a fun show. I’ve been putting together my list of things that I want to try to do when I eventually some day head out to the West Coast. (Not permanently I love New York too much for that.) I want to go to Meltdown comics, and if I could ever possibly get into seeing The Meltdown.

But for now, I’ll just watch the show, all the time.

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