Sailor Moon Check In: Silence Will Fall

Hey everyone! We’re back for another week of Sailor Moon checking in and plot movement finally, at long last coming to S. Let’s get into it, OK?

Sailor Moon


No manga updates. They will come. Someday. Maybe.

Best Cartoon Ever Sorry Korra

So much is going on here. Everyone is pretty well clued in that Hotaru is The Messiah of Silence and that’s a bad thing now, which is good. Mars finally told everyone that she’s been having visions of the apocalypse and Pluto explains that this is the silence, and that it’s a bad scene.

Also, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus very much want to kill Hotaru, and Usagi is pretty sure that there’s another way besides, you know killing an innocent child.

Also, Memette has been dispatched, and the new one likes plants, which is not anywhere near as fun being wildly obsessed with celebrities.

And The Messiah possesed Hotaru while she was talking to Chibi-Usa and tried to take Chibi-Usa’s pure heart and it was very upsetting, but not more upsetting than Small Lady telling Puu that she hated her now because she’s being mean.

Heart breaking. Anyway, everyone is at least on the same page re: Hotaru’s identity, we just need to get everyone on board with not murdering her and all with be cool.


This episode was probably the slowest episode so far, and not in a good way. While it’s great that we saw Chibi-Usa transform and that her crying energy was the thing that broke through Nemesis and saved Pluto after she broke the final taboo of stopping time.

The only thing that’s really there to break up the time stopped dullness is a flashback to itty bitty Pluto talking about Time Travel and her powers with Queen Serenity. (Not to be confused with Neo Queen Serenity. We’re talking suicide pact Serenity’s mom here.) These images on Pluto as a child, still holding the Garnet Rod, which is twice her size are really adorable and go into the catalog, of “images from Crystal that make the whole thing worth it.”

The other element of this episode that’s great is, once again Diana, who gets enclosed in a Time Bubble and floats over to the group to say goodbye to Pluto before she dies.

She doesn’t die, obviously. But this episode just crawls. We’ve finally seen Death Phantom. Which means we should be getting an climactic fight soon. While I applaud the impulse to go beat by beat for the manga, it’s a very cool idea, it just doesn’t bear up with the kind of pacing that cartoons need as a medium. It’s too dreamy, not grounded in anything, whether it’s character development or action.

Something needs to change, but I don’t what exactly, because I don’t want to lose lovely images, but the pacing needs to pick up on this show.

Other Things

I opted against a Sailor Moon themed phone case and opted for the Ravenclaw crest instead. Mostly because there were more options and they were cheaper. Maybe somewhere down the line I’ll switch it up and get some Sailor Moon. Never say never!

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