Game Of Thrones Winner: “Lord Snow”

Here’s a weird thing. Jon Snow didn’t win the episode that is named after him.

He’s great here, and so is Tyrion, but they have many seasons of being great and wins ahead of them. You know who doesn’t?

Ned Stark.

Ned Stark

Here are some of the awesome things that Ned does in this episode:

  • Puts Littlefinger into a wall for insinuating that Catelyn is a whore.
  • Get the small council under control and refuse to borrow more money from the Lannisters to fund a tourney in his honor.
  • Make a plan with Cat to find more evidence against Tyrion, who at this point we think tried to kill Bran. (Of course Tyrion didn’t try to kill Bran, it’s a ridiculous idea that he did, but whatever.)
  • Buy Sansa a doll, even though, she’s too old for them. This is just such a dad move, it’s warms the heart.
  • Find Arya with Needle, not take Needle away from her, instead employs Syrio to teach her how to use Needle.

There is a weird parallel between Arya and Ned’s heart to heart in this episode and Cersei and Joffrey’s, and it speaks to both of the parents as people. Ned tells Arya, that “we cannot fight a war between ourselves” if the Starks are to survive the winter, meanwhile Cersei tells Joffrey that “everyone who isn’t us is an enemy.” It’s amazing how these two statements are opposite sides of the same coin.

There is also literally no moment in all of Game of Thrones that I love more than Ned leaning against the door frame while Arya has her “dancing lesson.”

So anyway, Lord Eddard Stark, Warden of The North and The Lord of Winterfell, congratulations on winning tonight’s episode.

Runner up goes to Jorah, who realizes that serving Viserys is stupid and basically allies himself with Dany at this point. It’s a small moment, but a great one. He also has that great conversation with the blood riders about the difference between a Dorthraki rider and a knight.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

I forgot about the time when the blood riders were the biggest bad asses on this show rather than the Unsullied, so that’s a thing worth noting in this section, I guess.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

This episode Sansa pouts and refuses to eat. We all know this soon emerges as a pattern.

Arya Badass Watch

When Arya stabs the table over and over again, saying that she’s practicing for Joffrey, I feel like that’s the beginning of the end for her. The first name on her list. Then there’s the playing with Needle that her father finds her doing and of course her first “dancing lesson.” Just on and on. She’s the best. We all love her.

Who was Jamie a dick to?

This episode, Jamie was a dick to Ned, taunting him about the deaths of his brother and father.

Also he was a dick to Cersei. She’s worried Bran will remember and tell about seeing them, and he…kinda just wants to bone her.

2 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Winner: “Lord Snow”

    • Dude, I know. I LOVE Syrio. Even though it doesn’t really make any sense, I like the theory that J’aquen is Syrio just because I don’t want to believe he ever stopped watching over Arya.


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