Here’s The Sitch: So the Drama: The Kim Possible Movie

It’s finally here! We’ve gotten to the epic, 90 minute long super finale that was not actually the finale.

Are you excited? I’m excited. I’m even more excited that instead of being done with this project, I have 11 more weeks. So, that’ll be great.

Anyway, let’s work on So The Drama and unpack it a little bit, rather than deal with what’s coming up next.

Oooh Fancy New Picture!

Oooh Fancy New Picture!

OK, so we open with a spectacular action sequence in which Kim and Ron stop a bunch of Ninjas and Shego from kidnapping Nakasumi. (Toy inventor, you remember him.) It’s spectacular stuff. During the fight Monique calls in, which gives us our “regular life” stakes, Bonnie and Brick are a couple again, Kim speculates it’s because Bonnie is worried about having a prom date.

Kim does not have a prom date.

Meanwhile, Drakken laments being foiled by Kim yet again, but a stroke of good luck lands him one of Nakasumi’s designs, which he will use to take over the world. Also, he’s researching the psyche of teenage girls, so that he can finally defeat Kim.

At cheer practices, Bonnie calls Kim out on not having a prom date, and mocks her for probably going with Ron, and how it will ruin her place on “the food chain.” Kim is alarmed by this, even though Monique tells her its bullshit.

Monique, speaking truth to Kim’s shallow side since forever…it doesn’t hurt that she also knows that Ron has deeper feelings for Kim. (Back in “Emotion Sick,” she helped him decide not to pursue dating Kim.)

Then Drakken kidnaps Mr. Dr. P, and also there’s a new kid at school named Eric, that Kim is pretty sure she’s in love with. She agrees to go to prom with him, and Ron goes BALLISTIC. He does not like this guy, he does not like Kim with this guy. This makes him realize that he has deeper feelings for her.

Oh, also, there have been changed at Bueno Nacho, including instituting a kids meal that gives out Little Diablos. Which by the are actual evil robots created by Drakken to take over the world, using technology that he stole from Mr. Dr. P.

Also, Eric is actually a syntho drone…which are robots made out of some kind of goo. And also, he might be with Shego? It’s never exactly clear.

Anyway Kim saves the day! She goes to prom with Ron and they kiss.

The End.

Except not because 22 more episodes! Hooray!

Boo Yas and Nacos

  • Just a personal note: It came to my attention that my stuff wasn’t posting to Tumblr anymore, but I think I fixed that.
  • Ricky Ullman is the voice of Eric. This would mean nothing to anyone now, but at the time, for Disney Channel fans, this was a big deal. Phil of The Future was pretty much everything great in the world.
  • Brick dumps Bonnie at the prom, and there’s a hint of him getting together with Monique. YOU GET IT MONIQUE!
  • The tweebs spend the show inventing drone missiles. It’s pretty great.
  • Rewatching this season, I really admire the way the groundwork for Kim and Ron falling in love was laid. It never feels forced and it also never betrays their history and dynamic.
  • The songs in the movie are pretty great as are all of the montages, and Kim’s battle suit.

I’m really excited to get started on Season 4, which I don’t have many clear memories of. It aired during my senior year of high school, and I busy fighting with my friends three times a week about stupid crap that I can’t even remember (they were terrible people, mostly…) and not sleeping because I was stressed about college admissions.

So this is going to be fun.

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