Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 3 Episodes 9-11

We’ve got three episodes this week, since there were only three episodes left before So The Drama, it just made sense to cram these last 3 planned episodes of the show.

As endings go, these aren’t super satisfactory, but they do put some really fun factors into play for So The Drama and provide some nice little moments character moments and check ins, so they do their jobs.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 3 Episode 9: “Team Impossible”

Back in “A Sitch In Time” we learned all about Kim’s first mission, which only happened because someone logged on to her website instead of that of “Team Impossible,” who are never mentioned again, until now.

The team, which is made up of three pretty annoying guys who are cocky and confident in their skills finally decide that Kim’s amateur world saving is cutting into their profits so it’s time to shut her down.

It’s a cool conflict because Team Impossible aren’t bad guys, just incorporated, so it works in a little bit more of a grey area than the team’s usual fights. But things get really bad when Team Impossible fries Wade’s system and he has to go down and deal with them.

In person.

It’s an overall fun episode that relies a lot on world building, which kind of makes it the perfect season 3 episodes.

Season 3 Episode 10: “Gorilla Fist”

Ron’s status as the ultimate monkey master isn’t delved into as much as I wish it was, but here is it is used in a pretty great way. The school is in an uproar when a ghost wrote Ron’s name on the wall in gravy, but when it turns out it was just Ron’s old Sensei from ninja school back in “Exchange,” well, things just get even weirder.

First let’s talk about Ron and Yori and Kim’s reaction to them. While Ron is largely oblivious to Yori’s feelings about him, it’s quite clear that he has feelings for her too, and Kim, for really the first time, isn’t OK with the fact that Ron is into another girl.

They defeat the threat that brought Sensei in, with help from Monkey Fist, a mysterious being called Gorilla Fist, who it turns out is DNAmy…TWIST!

Season 3 Episode 11: “And The Mole Rat Will Be CGI”

love this episode, it’s so delightfully meta.

After stopping Senor Senior Jr. from steeling the Tower of London, an action movie director is impressed by Kim and Ron and decides to base his next film around them. He hires two actors, Heather and Quinn to play the kids. (Despite their advanced age of 28, too old to play 16 year olds. Considering Disney Channel has always been one of the only places to see teenagers playing teenagers, I found this to be a delightful little joke.)

Heather is full method, insinuating herself into every facet of Kim’s life to better her performance. It drives Kim nuts. Quinn on the other hand is a monosyllabic mope who Ron fears will never capture his Ron-ness. (In fact the only words that Quinn utters are “Whatever” and then a lackadaisical “Boo-Ya”)

Junior meanwhile has decided that he’s the only logical choice to play the villain in this movie but he’s rebuffed.

Poor Junior.

Boo Yas and Nacos

  • I wish we got more time with Team Impossible, but Kim gets them involved with Global Justice pretty quickly.
  • Team Impossibles “Shut Down Kim Possible” plan was to take away Kim’s transportation, it’s a good plan.
  • “Gorilla Fist” just doesn’t do the whole Ron as ninja warrior plot justice, but it does move the necessary pieces to get Kim and Ron together, so I forgive it.
  • Quinn is voiced by Danny Masterson, which is great, because I love That 70’s Show a whole lot and no one does disinterested quite like Masterson. His laid back barely talking is such a good match for Will Friedle’s crazy manic voice style. I like it a lot I guess is my point.
  • Monique gets some good action in these episodes, particularly in “Gorilla Fist” where she calls Kim out on her jealousy. I kind of love that Monique is so clearly aware of Kim and Ron’s feelings and she’s mostly just really amused by them.

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