Judgement Day is Coming

So, I skipped hitting a movie season movie this week, and instead decided to watch a whole lot of things on my laptop…

And two of those things were The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day

It had been years since I’d watched either and while I know I didn’t have time to immerse myself in the multiple alternate timelines of this universe (I’d rather never watch Rise of The Machines or Salvation again and I don’t have time to rewatch two seasons of The Sarah Conner Chronicles) I figured I could go in to Terminator: Genysis with at least the basics refreshed.

So, in case you need them refreshed, here they are, as I understand them:

Some time in the not too distant future, (The date moves, because time travel, and extended length between sequels) a missile defense system known as SkyNet becomes sentient and destroys humanity. This is known alternatively as “The War” or “Judgement Day” depending on what movie you’re watching.

The surviving humans created a resistance and were led by John Conner. SkyNet, hoping to end this resistance before it started, sent a Terminator, an unstoppable killer robot, back to 1984 to kill Sarah Conner, John’s mother, before he was born.

In response, John sent a soldier, Kyle Reese, back to protect Sarah. In a weird bit of semi oedipal self fulfilling prophecy, Kyle and Sarah fall in love, and conceive John. They destroy the Terminator, and Kyle dies. Sarah goes on the run, carrying the savior of humanity.

Ten years later, Sarah’s been committed to a psychiatric hospital and John is in foster care. Two terminators are sent back at this point, one to kill John and the other to protect him. John, Sarah and the good Terminator team up and stop the creation of SkyNet and save the future…maybe.

Then there’s a whole bunch more mucking with the time line, a revelation that Judgement Day will come regardless, and also that Terminators will learn how to be hot chicks in addition to being impossibly large Austrian men. Also, John Conner will grow up to be Christian Bale, possibly?

Like I said, I’m not planning on watching the other two movies, or the TV show, but I like knowing going in to Genysis that everything we know is wrong, because this timeline has been messed with so many times. So when Kyle goes to protect Sarah in 1984, nothing is going to be the same.

And that she’s going to have her own Terminator guardian, played, of course by the man himself Arnold, but seriously, it all seems like it’s going to be bonkers and great and a whole lot of fun. But we’ll see how it works out. We already know that James Cameron is on board, and hey, I’ll never say no to watching Emilia Clarke do anything. She’s pretty stinking amazing.

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