Sailor Moon Check In: Stay Out Of The Way

Hi Everyone! Can you believe how much happened in this week’s episodes? Well, I don’t know that you watched them, but there’s a lot of stuff that happened

Sailor Moon



Best Cartoon Ever Sorry Korra

SO MUCH HAPPENING! First of all, I just want to talk about how much I love Mimete? She’s adorable, and frankly if I were in her position. (Setting daimons loose to steal pure hearts) I’d be doing the same thing that she’s doing. (Using this situation to meet celebrities.) When the professor calls her out on this, she spins a yarn about how people with lots of charisma probably have like super pure hearts. 

I relate to her, on many levels, is what I’m saying I guess. And her costume is totes adorbs.

Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa is head over heels for Hotaru, and can you blame her? She’s so cute with her little turtle neck and her tights. I love her.

You know who doesn’t? Haruka, because she absolutely senses dark energy around this kid and tries to warn Usagi, who is just really psyched that Chibi-Usa has a friend…besides Pluto, who is also absolutely precious. Chibi-Usa has good taste in friends.

Hotaru’s childhood looks like it was a nightmare, but at least Mamoru is great. Mimete hits on him, and he shuts her down by just casually dropping that he’s hanging out with “family,” meaning his future wife and daughter. As if that’s perfectly normal, which I guess to guy like him, pretty much is. He also provides us with a beautifully animated monologue about the outer senshi and how they have different mission stuff than the others.


Blah blah blah, Dark Lady/Mamoru gross makeouts blah blah blah Wise Man fused with Nemesis blah blah blah dead Saphir blah blah blah Usagi getting bonked on the head by Moon Rod blah blah blah Senshi incapacitated by dark magic.



So, while Pluto is angsting about not being able to help the others, Diana comes and says that she’ll watch the Space Time door, because even though she’s too little to fight she still wants to contribute. And then they snuggle and it is perfect, and as Nikki said…Diana is the character winner for this week’s Sailor Moon Crystal, even though I don’t do that for this show, but it doesn’t matter because she’s great, and this moment was great, and do more of this sort of thing Crystal, because the rest of this episode, I didn’t care about much at all.

Other Stuff

I bought a new phone! I am shopping for cases. There are some very cute Sailor Moon themed ones on Etsy, that are high in the running. I wear Batman Earrings every day and carry a Nightwing key chain, so that fandom is pretty much covered. (Also Marvel, because I have like 5 Captain America tee shirts…) I will report back on the decision when it’s made. (I know you’re fascinated. Who wouldn’t be?)

3 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Check In: Stay Out Of The Way

      • It is Iphone! A 6 in fact, (I’ve been using a 4S for far longer than was appropriate, but it finally just stopped connecting to WiFi for no reason, so I couldn’t put the update off any longer.) I will keep you updated. I know it’s riveting!

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