Great Power, Great Responsibility…we know this song

Houston, we have a Spidey!

His name is Tom Holland. He’s been in a couple of things. He as Billy Elliot on The West End. He is 19 years old.

Cutie Patootie

Cutie Patootie

I’m not familiar with this kid, like, at all, and I’d kind of already checked out of this particular search when they said it was definitely totally going to be Peter Parker.

Because, I mean, really? Must we?

We’re already working in an alternate universe from the ones that Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man took place in. So maybe, like, I dunno, in this universe Gwen Stacy got bit by the spider, or something…

Or a half black, half Hispanic kid from Brooklyn…

Or anything but a young Peter Parker. Because we’ve seen that movie.

Then they said they wanted younger, so Logan Lerman was out of the search.



Anyway, I’m luke warm on this whole thing anyway, but we’re currently living in a world where I’m more excited about whatever Fox is doing with The Fantastic Four than the newest Marvel studios release. (I am now intrigued by Ant-Man, but that’s about it.)

Also, it’s another Brit.

Guys, we really need to stop outsourcing our superheroes. I was under the impression that casting that nice boy from Boston had broken this habit.

Clearly not. *sigh*

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