Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 3 Episodes 7 & 8

There are a lot of things about this week’s episodes that I love a lot, and as we get into these wind down episodes that are a lot of fun to check in with. (And even when it seems like we’re done, there’s 22 episodes left! Hooray!)

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 3: Episode 7a “Overdue”

Kim is being held prisoner by the evil Middleton High librarian, because she didn’t return a book. Ron realizes that this is because he’s lost the book and goes off with the Wade Bot to retrieve it. He faces off with Duff Killigan and Monkey Fist, and as it turns out it was in his backpack the whole time.

He accidentally switches it with a magical monkey text though which probably consumes the library.

Probably for the best.

Season 3: Episode 7b “Roachie”

A bug scientist invented a giant bug thing and Ron becomes friends with one of them. And…that’s pretty much the whole episode. Just an excuse for Ron to be friends with a giant bug, who he names “Roachie.” Kim is squicked by it. I do not blame her. It’s pretty damn squicky.

Season 3: Episode 8 “Rappin Drakken”

Oh God, this episode. This joy of joyous episodes, that is just the perfect influx of what both John Dimaggio and Will Friedle do well on the mic.

Drakken has finally perfected his mind control shampoo and is selling it as “Lather Rinse and Obey,” which is a hilariously on the nose name. Of course it isn’t selling, which Kim is quite happy about because it means that she doesn’t have to do much work to foil the plan.

But when Drakken decides to market the product by competing on “America’s Next Singing Star” with a rap about it, everything just goes coocoo in the best possible way.

Also Ron has to write a creative writing assignment about something in his life and he’s decided to write about his relationship with Rufus. This leads to the most enduring of all the Kim Possible original songs, “The Naked Mole Rap,” which I still get stuck in my head occasionally.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • I’m skipping right to “Rappin’ Drakken,” because it really is an example of everything the show does right. The American Idol parody is perfect especially, as well as a host/judge who’s what would happen if Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell procreated.
  • Drakken’s rap is awkward, and terrible and John Dimaggio delivers it flawlessly, I am constantly in awe of that man’s ability, everytime I watch something he’s done work for, but this is a tour de force comedy performance.
  • Oh right, and this whole rap scheme? Drakken came up with it at karaoke. Which he and Shego go to weekly. And he sings The Oh Boyz “Hello, hello, hello.” So, yeah, that’s a thing.
  • This is a showcase week for Friedle. The stuff in “Roachie” doesn’t really work except that he sells it’s escalating silliness, and “Overdue” shows Ron’s big heart at it’s best, and seriously, listen to “Naked Mole Rap,” it’s exceptionally good. “What’s that I can’t hear the girly’s sing.”

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