Game of Thrones Winner: “The Mother’s Mercy”

Well it happened. I have spent five years sitting on that spoiler.

Five years of R + L = J and guessing at magical possibilities of resurrection, of everyone guessing how things would end and having to nod along to everyone’s theories and say “maybe,” finally, finally,  I get to say, “I KNOW! ISN’T IT THE WORST?”

But my smug feelings didn’t win The Game of Thrones tonight. Although they came awfully close.

No, but tonight’s winner, as she only could be, is Brienne of Tarth.


Much like last year, giving the final win to Bran, for reaching his goal, Brienne wins for fulfilling one of her many oaths. She avenged Renly, the man that she loved, and killed the ever loving crap out of Stannis, who after last week, we all wanted to see die, like super duper hard. 

Now she needs to save Sansa and Arya, and maybe find Rickon? Because seriously, where is Rickon?

Runner up goes to Sansa and Theon because their “you jump, I jump,” moment was pretty great. And it got creepy gross terribly Myranda out of the way. Time to go find Brienne.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

They are going to be ruling Mereen with Tyrion while Jorah and Daario go out Dany hunting. Varys is also going to be there. If this were a different show, I would bet that this would cause shenanigans galore. Sine it’s Thrones it’ll probably just cause some character I love to get raped and/or murdered.

Sansa Agency Watch

“If I’m going to die, I’d like to do it while there’s still some of me left.” THAT. Boom. Darth Sansa is back. She is owning things ALL OVER THE PLACE. Also Theon killed Myranda. Whatever, she was a terrible character anyway.

Moving Forward

I’ve decided to rewatch the show. Once a week I’ll be declaring winners for the three seasons of show before I started this. Mostly, I made this decision because I kept falling down A Wiki Of Ice And Fire wormholes, and it was abundantly clear that I’m not ready to leave Westeros. but I don’t have the time or patience to reread the books right now. So, starting next week. (Probably not Monday, Mondays will now belong to Movie Season Reviews) I’ll be crowning Game of Thrones winners and runner ups starting with “Winter is Coming,” which I’ve already watched.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Winner: “The Mother’s Mercy”

  1. YES YES YES! I am so glad you are continuing (retroactively continuing?) to name winners! Every week this is literally my favorite article, blog, whatever to read re. GOT. So glad you’re keeping it up!


    • OK
      1. I really didn’t know how into these you were (Seriously, dude…)
      2. I’m really excited too!!! Already the couple of episodes that I’ve watched have been VERY strange. (The show has changed a lot since those early days.) And they’re all so young. I actually cooed, “Aww, Baby Jon Snow!” at one point)


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