Are you kidding, I am Queen’s Boulevard!

So Entourage has opened to…um, not reviews so much as a large swath of critics saying, “but why though?”

I haven’t seen the movie yet.

I should have gone to see it last night, but I opted to stay home and rewatch Scott Pilgrim Vs The World instead. I’m probably going to go tomorrow, but we’ll see.

Let me explain why I’ve decided to be unapologetically excited about this bad boy.

Because I love these morons. I discovered Entourage on a family trip to the Poconos in college. The show had just wrapped the first half of it’s third season and my cousins were wildly obsessed with it. (Oh, when I say family trip to the Poconos, I mean family we were all there all 20 something of us. The bar at our hotel didn’t card! We were in heaven!) We didn’t have HBO and had been plotting for years to get my dad hooked on something of theirs…this seemed an unlikely candidate especially since The Sopranos hadn’t done it.

We watched the first season that weekend and all had a lot of fun with it. I had four more weeks of winter break left at that point, so headed to Blockbuster (yeah…) and rented the next two. As my brother and I sat watching the saga that was, “Will Vince do Aquaman? Will Aquaman beat Spider-Man’s opening? What about Medellin?” My dad started noticing the show from his perch at our kitchen table.

“Who’s that?” He asked one day, as Ari shouted at the boys about something.

“That’s Ari,” I explained. “The agent.”

“The actor’s name is Jeremy Piven,” Mike said, “He’s been winning all kinds of awards for this performance.”

“Huh,” he said and moved to the couch.

By the time Season 3b premiered we had HBO and Entourage was family appointment viewing. (It’s since been replaced by Once Upon A Time and Game of Thrones, what can I say? We have eclectic taste in our house.) So the sagas of “Wait, is Medellin bad? Will Turtle and Jamie break up? Is E going to marry Sloane? They’re moving back to Queens?” were viewed in real time. (The answers, Yes, Yes, Frustratingly No, and also No).

And really, it was always all about Ari. Even when the show was terrible, (and it got really bad at the end. The last season is outright terrible and should never have existed. They had a perfect ending, with  Eric getting off the plane with Sloan.) Jeremy Piven was doing incredible work with Ari.

So that’s why I’m excited about this movie. To see this character again.

And also Turtle. I really love Turtle.

One thought on “Are you kidding, I am Queen’s Boulevard!

  1. I’m trying to see it tonight or tomorrow!! And yes, I only got into Entourage because of your birthday last year 😉

    Although Adrian Grenier doesn’t hurt it…


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