Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible: Season 3 Episodes 1-2

Hey everyone! Who’s ready for season 3? I am! It’s much shorter than Season 2, and if you don’t know how The Disney Channel used to work, it was planned as the final season, but the show was so popular that we got season 4. (This didn’t used to be a thing as much as it is now…so it was a big deal at the time.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 3: Episode 1 “Steal Wheels”

There are so may things I love about this episode. We learn that Drakken and Motor Ed are cousins. Which is magical. Motor Ed hits on Shego and she shuts him down by you know, throwing him out of moving vehicles all the time.

Also, Kim is jealous that Ron is spending more time with Felix, and tries to worm her way into bro time.

Insecure Kim is one of my favorite Kims, because you know, she gets to not be perfect. Felix, meanwhile, remains the best, he and Ron play video games, and raise money for charity and are general pretty great.

Drakken and Motor Ed decide to steel Felix’s wheel chair, and Kim, Ron, Rufus and Felix manage to beat them back. Kim admits to being jealous and Ron and Felix mention that they sort of figured this out.

Season 3: Episode 2 “Emotion Sickness”

If Kim and Shego weren’t such great characters, “a robot gives them super PMS and Ron and Drakken are scared” would be the worst conceit ever. Luckily, Kim and Shego are great characters and we know them well enough that the episode works pretty well.

While Shego and Drakken rob a lab, one of the inventions in said lab, “the moodulator” attaches itself to Kim and Shego. Also, Ron accidentally switches the moddulator control with the Kimmunicator. The Tweebs get a hold of it and hijinks ensue.

The really interesting part of the episode comes when it gets stuck on “loving” and Kim and Shego immediately turn their affection to Ron and Drakken respectively. Kim learns at the beginning of the episode that Josh is now dating Tara, and she’s generally OK with it. (The Josh stuff never really took off, did it?) And it’s telling that her loving feelings are dedicated towards him, but instead to Ron.

What also makes this episode work is that none of the feelings are disingenuous. When Kim is angry it’s just her anger turned up, her feelings for Ron are real, but amplified.

And since these four were the end game, it’s nice to see the subtext becoming text this early in the season.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Felix is integrated into the team in a big way here. It’s cool to see how well he works with Kim and Ron.
  • I haven’t discussed how great Nancy Cartright is enough. But she is. And when she’s doing Rufus participating in all of Ron and Felix’s dude antics, it’s exceptionally adorable. As is the animation.
  • The animation is really stepped up for season 3, which I hadn’t realized back when I was watching it, probably because I hadn’t watched as much animation critically and couldn’t tell the differences. But the fights between Kim and Shego in these two episodes are unbelievable.
  • Also, everytime John Dimaggio says “crow bar” (which is often) I get Under The Red Hood flashbacks. “Nah, I think I’ll keep beating you with this crowbar…”
  • Ron did not know that Tara liked him. He is devestated that no one told him.
  • Also he spends a good chunk of the episode dressed as a pickle. Barkin would like him to take it seriously.
  • Ron goes to Monique for advice on Kim’s feelings for him. Ever the best. person. ever. Monique asks Ron how he feels about dating Kim and he admits he’s considered it, but doesn’t know if it’s worth sacrificing their friendship. This, plus the montage of him talking it out with Barkin, there’s some really great character work for Ron here.
  • Also amazingly animated? When Shego and Drakken go on a date. It’s so unbelievably funny and just beautifully rendered.

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