Game Of Thrones Winner: “Hardhome”

As this episode finished I said, to my siblings and Joe, simply, “Picking winners has been hard this year because no one is really winning much of anything.”

Mike said Jon should probably get this week, due to killing the ever loving crap out of that white walker, but Jon’s already won a whole bunch.

Then we thought maybe Sansa for her whole Reek confrontation but that didn’t feel right either.

Instead, we finally landed on Tyrion.




Who managed to convince Daneyrys not only should she not kill him for being a Lannister, but that he’s definitely, definitely worth listening too. Also she reveals her plan to basically just crush the great houses under foot and raise up the common people.

Dany and The High Sparrow are gonna get along great, you guys. Except for that as a Valyrian, I’m pretty sure Dany doesn’t have much to do with the faith of the seven.

But anyway, yay Tyrion! All I could think during this scene was, “Damn, poor John Slattery!” (I should note I do not ever actually feel bad for John Slattery, who got to help create one of the greatest characters in the history of television. But the Emmy is his to lose this year, and Dinklage is being given killer material.) It was a remarkable scene beautifully performed.

So, Lord Tyrion Lannister, The Imp, Once The Hand of The King, now probably Hand of The Queen (let’s be honest here) Congrats on Tonight’s win.

Runner Up Goes to Jon. Because he killed a white walker mid battle and we learned that Valyrian Steel can kill them because dragon fire is the answer to every problem in Westeros, except maybe for, “how do we keep the dragons from lighting things on fire.”

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

No action. But we did see Missandei standing at her usual place behind Dany. Hi Missandei! We missed you!

Sansa Agency Watch

Hey! Sansa did a thing. She’s not sitting in bed feeling sorry for herself anymore. She’s dressed. She confronted Theon/Reek about betraying her to Ramsay and you know that whole destroying her family thing. She got him to tell her that Bran and Rickon are alive. This was a big week for Sansa’s agency. Now we just need Brienne to kill Ramsay a whole lot.

Just all the killing.

(I saw Mad Max: Fury Road yesterday…I feel like Furiosa and Brienne would get a long well…also Dany. WE ARE NOT THINGS!)

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