Like A Sinner Before The Gates of Heaven

Last week, while I was taking my daily walk on my lunch break, (Lest I turn into an actual slug) I stepped into Dunkin Donuts. (If I’m walking, I am rewarding myself with an iced coffee.) I took out my earbuds, and was delighted when I heard Meat Loaf’s, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad,” on the speakers.

I really love Meat Loaf, because honestly, if you can’t get into a ten minute long rock operas about motorcycles, you probably just don’t like fun or joy.

So getting back to my office I went on Spotify and pulled up Bat Out of Hell.

Do you know what will make your afternoon of boring data entry feel ridiculously epic? Why yes, the answer is listening to Bat Out Of Hell.

I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, and as it absorbs into my regular music routine, I’m grateful to have found it again. Bat Out Of Hell was one of those pieces of work that’s loomed large in the background of my life, and that in recent years, I’ve sort of scoffed at with a degree of irony.

Oh sure, I’ll sing “Paradise by The Dashboard Light” with a guy I’m flirting with at a karaoke bar.

I’ll snicker at the little skit that precedes “Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth,” but admit that I actually like Meat Loaf. That the final burst of “Bat Out Of Hell” gives me shivers.


But I’m trying to lose that irony coat. It’s impossible to totally lose it. I’ll always be just a little bit sarcastic, and love something in a campy way. But life’s too short, and there’s too much stuff I actually like, to watch, listen to and read things because they’re “awesomely bad.”

Bat Out Of Hell is amazing. It’s camptastic joy and sheer rock and roll badassery and Meat Loaf’s voice has an otherworldly power that’s unmatched. (Seriously, “Bat Out of Hell” is like a late era Elvis song, if Elvis could belt high notes for 8 bars.)

Anyway, I think people should listen to it. Or some other artifact from your life that you’re not sure still speaks to you. (I’ve had a similar experience lately with Jonathan Larson’s Tick, Tick…Boom. But that’s another story for another day)

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