Game Of Thrones Winner: “The Gift”

I kind of can’t believe how fast we’re moving through this season. And as we speed through the unknown, I’m having trouble dealing with how the show is moving. Yes, there are definitely things that are happening, and a lot of them are pretty great, and some of them are less so.

But let’s declare this week’s winner

The High Sparrow won this week, which I don’t think should surprise anyone.

High Sparrow

Between arresting Cersei, explaining how Loras and Margaraey could maybe survive, and of course, giving us the amazing gift of him bickering with Lady Olenna, it’s hard to give him the week.

And honestly, how satisfying was it watching Cersei’s face fall as she realized what was happening to her. It was so good. And a remarkable turn by Lena Headey. (As if we didn’t already know what a bad ass she was.)

So, congratulations, High Sparrow, whatever your real name is. You won the game of thrones this week.

Even though, you’re not interested.

Or whatever.

The runner up the week is Sam! He had sex with Gilly! You go Sam! (Also Jorah, who was all badass in the fighting pits.)

Missandei And Grey Worm 

No action. That’s two weeks in a row.

I miss them.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Another new feature. After last week, I’ve decided to note how they handle Sansa’s agency and storyline moving forward. (This is how I’m mitigating that I’m not dropping the show all together.)

Sansa tried to get Theon to help rescue her by giving him the candle to signal Brienne. He of course told Ramsay, and BOOOO Theon! While this action is a step in the right direction the fact that Sansa is being kept locked in her bedroom for Ramsay to rape every night, and that he then killed that servant is absolutely the worst. But, at least Sansa is engineering her own rescue, or trying to, unlike Jeyne, who was way more pathetic and less active.

So that’s where we are.

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