It’s A Small, Small, World


So I’m going to see Tomorrowland tonight and I don’t know that I’ve been so excited for a movie in a while. It is without a doubt the non Star Wars movie I’m most excited about this movie season.

I’ve noted on my facebook a few times that this is a pretty Disney-tastic movie season.

Avengers: Age of Ultron


Inside Out


Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens

And as I found out yesterday…I’m headed to the World itself this fall. Which will now be consuming large amounts of my energy and focus, since I’m sure in the ten years since I last visited Walt Disney World a lot has changed. (In fact I know it has, because I love Disney World and I followed the construction of New Fantasyland with rapt attention. I’m going to cut a mofo to try to get into Be Our Guest.) Also, as an adult I can now drink around the world at Epcot, and frankly, I’ve wanted to do that since I was like ten.

So, I was very excited to go see Tomorrowland anyway this weekend. Now my excitement has compounded. Because I’m going to be seeing Tomorrowland again soon, and I really can’t wait! 

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