Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2 Episodes 26 & 27

So this week we had some KP fun. Really, I like this week’s episodes a lot. Next week we finish out season 2, which will also be a lot of fun. Anyway, here’s this week’s episodes.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 26: “Mother’s Day”

It’s mother’s day in Middleton and Kim has promised to spend the day with hers. So has Ron and Drakken’s mom showed up at his newest lair.

Drakken is trying to get a hold of a new element created to do something. I’m sorry, I couldn’t track what it was, but Kim and Mrs. Dr. P. take on chasing Drakken as they were promised to spend the day together. Also, Ron is giving his mother the present of cleaning out his garage. Which leads to some fun gags about things in the garage. (And a fear of a garden gnome, that never quite gets explained.)

Mrs. Dr. P is actually way better at the crime fighting than Ron, which Kim notes several times and is a really fun detail. Also, Drakken is trying to keep his mother from finding out that he’s a super villain, which Shego finds absolutely hilarious. (I do too, come to think of it.)

In the end, Kim gets the substance back, Ron cleans out the garage and Mrs. Lipsky is none the wiser about her son’s villainy.

Happy endings for everyone.

Except that garden gnome.

Season 2: Episode 27 “Motor Ed”

Ah, Motor Ed, a character I’m completely convinced was created because John DiMaggio was probably goofing around. He’s pure ridiculousness, and I’m glad we’ve finally gotten to him.

Seriously, he’s like if you turned Bender up to 11. It’s one of DiMaggio’s greatest creations.

Ed is brilliant engineer, but he’s mostly just interested in things that go vroom really fast, and his mullett. He gets on Kim’s radar when he starts stealing hyper powerful motors from aero space companies.

Meanwhile, Kim is also dealing with a new friend, who she’s hopelessly awkward around. Felix, who’s the son of one of Mr. Dr. P.’s new colleauges is confined to a wheelchair and Kim is having trouble not being awkward about it. Ron, on the other hand is just psyched that Felix is a cool dude.

It’s a nice story line because no one judges Kim for acting a little off, but no one lets her off the hook either. Ron calls her out for being weird, as does Felix’s mom, and Felix himself, but they also all tell her that she just needs to relax, and not focus so much on Felix’s disability.

It’s a good episode for our girl, where she really gets to see more of how other people deal with things.

Boo-Yas and Nacos

  • “Mother’s Day” is basically all fluff and filler, but it’s funny and joyous and has great action sequences, so there’s that.
  • Drakken’s mother thinks that he’s a call in radio host, who gives advice. I’m assuming that this is a joke about Dr. Drew. Or I hope it is.
  • Felix and Ron’s friendship is a fun one, particularly because we’ve never seen Ron be friends with another guy before and it’s a pretty cool dynamic.
  • I’d truly forgotten how much fun Motor Ed is. The Jersey jokes are great in particular. (Ron’s distrust of hoagies is also great. And proof that they’re in South Jersey, because “hoagie” is a Philadelphia metro area term. Up in the NYC land of things we call them either “heroes” or “subs,” depending on what deli you go to.)

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