Game of Thrones Winner: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Ugh, I’m so mad at this episode. I hate it so much. It wasn’t quite the level of awful that I expected, but it was bad. Just bad all around.

Picking a winner was hard, because there wasn’t much winning. Just a whole lot of losing, which isn’t unprecedented but watching pretty much all of my favorite characters lose one right after the other was kind of terrible.


But Arya sort of, kind of won. In that she went into that room with all of the faces that the faceless men have collected and she’s getting better at The Game of Faces, which I guess is better than the game of thrones? I don’t know. But she won this week.

So Lady Arya Stark, or more appropriate, not quite no one but someone else. Congratulations! You won the game of thrones this week.

Runner up is Myrcella, because she got to make out with her hot Dornish prince. It was awkwardly broken up by her Uncle-Dad, but still. Good for her.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

They were not in this episode. But I bet that they were making out somewhere.


A Quick Note On This Episode:

I can’t even begin to talk about how upset Sansa’s throughline made me. I was so happy for a moment, when she stood up to Myranda. And then when she wouldn’t let Theon touch her and she looked like an angel in her wedding gown.

And then the ending. I was glad they didn’t go as far as they did in book, but watching Theon cry as Sansa was raped by Ramsay was horrific. Seriously, the scene in the book when Ramsay makes Theon go down on Jeyne/Arya on their wedding night is so much worse.

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