In Defense of Kara’s Girly-Ness

A while back I wrote a piece about how for most of my life I felt like my “nerd” identity and my “girly girl” identity were in conflict with one another. I still feel like that sometimes, although, as a grown ass woman, I generally just get over it and move on.


But yesterday, as I squeed and cried over the new Supergirl footage, and then worked my way into comments sections and analysis articles, I found that insecurity at the forefront once again.

People were decrying the show’s “romantic comedy” undertones as somehow wrong for the character. Saying it typified the sort of wrong headed thinking satirized in the SNL Black Widow trailer a few weeks ago.

I feel like these people are missing the point.

The reason that Black Widow idea was funny was because that’s absolutely the wrong approach to tell Natasha Romanoff’s story.

It’s not the wrong approach to tell Kara Zor-El’s. She’s young. She’s bubbly. She’s finding herself. Plus, journalism and publishing are sort of intrinsically bound to the Super-family. So that she’s an assistant at a magazine makes sense for her. That she’s clumsy and unsure of herself, works for her.

They’re also missing the flexibility of super hero stories. You can tell a superhero story like this. Why shouldn’t there be a show for the girls who are reading Ms. Marvel and Batgirl? Do you really think that the teenagers who have fallen for Kamala Khan want to watch a sad broody Kara with anger issues? (I really enjoyed the New 52 characterization, btw, and the Red Lanterns storyline was super interesting. But it’s not the only way in.) Or that the twenty somethings who are seeing themselves in Burnside want a somewhat bratty teenager who feels trapped on a farm and on Earth? (I also love the DCAU Kara…but you get the point.)

Also, I mean, her “romantic comedy” moments are with Jimmy Olsen (who’s insisting he call her “James”) and Jeremy Jordan, who’s character probably has a name, but he’s Jeremy Jordan, which frankly sounds like a comic book character anyway.

Anyway, I’m kind of done with this rant. I thought that the entire sneak peak was wonderful. I am disproportionately excited about Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant. First of all, it’s about time we pulled her into the nerdosphere. She’s been living all of our dreams for almost ten years now, being married to Han Solo and what-not. And she’s just so right for that character.

And Melissa Benoist is so cute and great and smiley and I want to give her hugs. She refuses to wear the crop top and short shorts that Jeremy Jordan tries to dress her in. (Jeremy Jordan, you lovable jerk you. I’m still having trouble forgiving you for cheating on Anna Kendrick, but tell me a little Christmas story and I’ll forgive you. Take me back all 41 years.) (That’s you know, a The Last 5 Years Joke…um…theater! Yay!)

I’m really excited for the show, you guys. I guess that’s the point.

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