Sailor Moon Check In: Ick Factor & Hooray!

Hi everyone! I missed last week’s check in because I was getting ready for the wedding and doing a few show related things, but I’m all caught up now. And here’s where we are

Sailor MoonManga:

Hahahahahaha! I haven’t even read regular comics in two weeks because I haven’t been feeling it. There is no way manga was happening. That said, I’m going to be at ACBC this weekend, and I’m guessing I’ll be able to pick up Sailor V and The Short Stories there, so, there may be some movement here soon.

Greatest Cartoon Ever Sorry Korra

I’m still 1 episode behind, but since next week is a Crystal week I’m OK with that. (I’ll have 3 instead of 4, and this week I have 5 instead of 5, it evens out).

God I love this arc, but what I loved that most about this week’s episodes besides awesome new opening that features Neptune and Uranus. (And Nikki, I AM SO ON BOARD with your Neptune crush, she’s not Mars, but I get why you love her, she’s amazing.) And oh yeah THE RETURN OF CHIBI-USA.

Guys, I missed her so much. I missed her so much that when Usagi started seeing Luna-P at the Juban Festival (which Rei organized because OF COURSE SHE DID) I got all giddy immediately. I like that we’ve got Sailor Chibi-Moon in the mix, and we’ve seen Rainbow Heart Attack, and also that it’s pretty much useless, but guys, I missed the kid and I’m glad she’s back.

But not quite as glad as I was to see Haruka and Michiru in kimonos, because OMG SO PRETTY! But seriously, I really liked that.

Oh right, plot. Professor has a new Minion, and there was a Daimon who was trying to steal Usagi’s heart, who had her voice, and that taught Mercury and Uranus that like, not EVERY pure heart is a talisman and also killing all the pure hearts is like not the way to go here. And, also Venus got to disguise herself as Sailor Moon, which is fun, since the whole “Venus as Serenity” plot always makes me think of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace and how Padme pretended to be a handmaiden, instead of the queen, which…if she hadn’t done that might have saved the galaxy some grief, but also wouldn’t have born the chosen one, or whatever…also then Han probably would have been lonely.

I don’t know how I made this about Star Wars, but let’s move on.


Ugh, we’re into the ickiest portion of the Dark Moon arc and I just want it to be over. Usagi has been imprisoned by Prince Demande and he’s revealed his totally rapey intentions toward Neo Queen Serenity, because she looked at him like he was dirt and control control control. Also Usagi learns that she can’t transform but the power of her friend-feels (I don’t know what else to call it you guys, I’m sorry) wakes up Mercury, Mars and Jupiter and they start planning to find her, which is a fun scene. Also, Minako literally falls to her knees and screams in frustration at one point, which, I feel you girl, I really do.

King Endymion (I wonder when in the 2000 or so years that they were alive Usagi and Mamoru decided to ditch the new life names and just go by their Silver Millenium ones. Also what happened to the rest of the Tsukino family? Mamo-chan is an orphan but like Shingo and Usagi’s parents are pretty good people. Did they die? Do they live in the Crystal palace?) goes to Pluto to ask her to help the other Senshi and she’s all “I’m on it,” and Chibi-Usa sees this and decides that this means Pluto isn’t her special friend anymore, because like Mother like Daughter? So she runs through the space time door which leads her to wise man, which will lead to Dark Lady, which will lead to…ick…

Overall this was a strong episode that I enjoyed a lot, but I just really don’t like this part of the story, so there’s that.

Other Stuff

I’m guessing that the convention is going to give me some fun Sailor Moon moments, and since this is technically a Crystal week, I’ll be reporting on it after.

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