Doctor Who Thoughts: “Robots of Sherwood”

Doctor Who

And Lo, did the phophet Stephen Moffat look upon the fangirls, and lo did he say,

“While I shall remove the dreamy and cute Doctors from your presence, I shall reward you. For I shall give you Clara Oswald, and I shall dress her in the gown of a princess. I shall have her flirt with dreamy historical figures.”

And the fangirls doth rejoice and it was good.

But seriously folks, I don’t think that I’m exaggerating when I say that dressing Clara up in a medieval gown and having her flirt with Robin Hood was the greatest thing to come out of Doctor Who since Amy imagined Rory as a Roman Soldier. It was such a great episode, I could barely contain myself.

The Doctor tells Clara they can go anywhere, anytime. So, she says that she wants to meet Robin Hood. He rolls his eyes and assures her that there is no such thing, but takes her to Sherwood Forest at the appropriate time anyway. They of course immediately meet Robin, Earl of Loxley, he and the Doctor duel. (The Doctor uses a spoon.) The Doctor wins and stand over Robin on a bridge laughing and it’s amazing.

They then meet the merry men and Clara is in heaven and The Doctor is deeply annoyed by them. Anyway, it turns out that the villagers of Sherwood forest are being kidnapped by the Sheriff of Notingham and some robots to fix the robots’s ship, which is of course looking for The Promised Land.

In the end Robin defeats the sheriff and of course, The Doctor reuinites him with Maid Marian, but the stuff in between, the three of them being locked in a dungeon, and fighting over who has a better plan, The Sheriff of Notingham deciding that Clara should be his consort when he takes over the world. The way that Clara teaches Robin Hood how to be Robin Hood. (Also The Doctor being convinced that Robin was a robot the whole time was completely wonderful.)

This episode basically did everything that a good Doctor Who episode is supposed to do. I laughed, I felt moved, I felt actually surprised at the way the monster was revealed, and contained my new favorite quote from Doctor Who.

“History is a burden, stories, they allow us to fly.”

So good, man, so good.

So that’s where we are in Doctor Who land. Hopefully next week, I’ll be back to watching live. (And thus the live tweeting can happen again.)

We’ll see what happens as we move forward. What is The Promised Land? Who is Missy? Will Clara keep wearing awesome cosutmes? (For the sake of Aless’s wallet, I hope not, but or the sake of my TV, I hope so!)

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